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Laptop pc for Hackintosh ?
  • Hi, do you know if High Sierra can be installed with full compatibility on this laptop : Omen 15-DC0013NF ? Thank you

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  • Confucius also rumored to have said,

    "googling, 'best hackintosh laptop 2018' may reveal unto you the enlightenment you seek, but beware, in turn, Google and their NSA/GCHQ compadres, Via BRIN, YIN and YANG, will also ensnare the data-points they seek upon you, also."

    ... Confucius was kind of wordy in his later years, not unlike CowboyNeal

  • Take a look at this link. Huge amount of info. In my experience there is rarely 100% compatibility, but the compromises are generally minimal.

  • Ok. Which laptop for full compatibility ?

  • Confucius say... if you smoke ganja in the High Sierra, and then seek full compatibility in a forum, it's probably a bad Omen.