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Trotsky dramatisation on Netflix
  • Just started watching the dramatisation Trotsky on Netflix. It is beautifully shot in lots of ways and great to see something out with the standard Western view of all things Soviet here in the UK. Just wondered Vitaliy what your thoughts were. In your Personal view what's inaccurate about it and how does it reflect on reality from your own experience.

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  • @Duncanario

    If you mean our Russian series in English it is trash and horror.

    People who are doing such know that only small amount of people will go and check facts and start to read stuff.

  • Yes that's the one. It's the danger with this kind of thing, so many people with their own agenda. Are you saying it's just the English version that's trash and the Russian version is OK? The one i'm watching is in Russian with English subtitles.

  • @Duncanario

    I am saying that it is trash in any language. Or you expected something else from ruling class?

  • I had zero expectations, that's why I was asking you what you thought about it. Wasn't looking to argue with anyone about it. Was just interested what a Russian with a continued opposition to Capitalism would have to say about the portrayal of the Soviet Union in this piece. Certainly not going to get it from Wikipedia.

  • @Duncanario

    Well, ruling class can't do depiction of real thing :-). They still are in sane state and want to live at least a little longer.

  • A Hatchet Job and a Con Job

    Leon Trotsky, the co-leader with Vladimir Lenin of the 1917 Russian Revolution, was assassinated by a Stalinist henchman with an icepick. The Netflix series “Trotsky,” for its part, is a political hatchet-job. Slashing at Trotsky and Lenin and their ideas, it is an anti-historical capitalist dream made to order for the likes of Trump or Putin. It lies outright and creates and distorts events and political theories in an aim to destroy the legacy of these two leaders. Why? Because our current times of extreme wealth and extreme poverty, with climate change threatening humanity’s future, prove that their critique of the profit system is correct — and that the socialist solution they devoted their lives to is still desperately needed.

    The Russian company Sreda spent a lot of money producing a travesty that would be funny if it weren’t so obnoxious. The show is created with the same ruling-class hatred of Trotsky and Lenin that was displayed in loathsome Czarist cartoons of the two. It reminds me of an infamous anti-Semitic poster issued in 1920 by the Polish Ministry of Military Affairs, during the Russo-Polish War. Trotsky is depicted as a red, bloodthirsty, satanic figure sitting naked on a pile of skulls. Images like these were used by the White Army in its attempt to overthrow the new Soviet form of government.

    The show uses unbelievable episodes, like one in which Lenin tries to throw Trotsky off a roof to exert his domination, to besmirch every relationship with lies. In one episode, Freud tells Trotsky that he will be a serial killer — but the two men never even met!

    Lenin is portrayed as a cynical manipulator of the socialist movement, funded by nefarious sources, and his actual theoretical and organizational brilliance and sincere revolutionary fervor are nowhere to be seen. Trotsky is supposed to have contempt for Lenin when in reality, after some years of rivalry based on conflicting ideas, they become the closest co-thinkers and comrades. But the show depicts Trotsky pulling the revolution off by himself while he ridicules Lenin and tries to take over the Bolsheviks. It paints Trotsky as a coward who did not even know how to shoot. It even shows Trotsky using his son as a shield against a would-be assassin’s bullet! Trotsky’s true history, however, is that of a brave commander who built the Red Army and led it to victory against a counterrevolution backed by capitalist countries.

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