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Nikon D6 Camera Topic
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    • 24MP CMOS sensor
    • 4K 60p video
    • Longer manual exposure times (like in the Nikon D810A): from 1/8000 - 120 seconds. (up from 30 seconds)
    • Built-in sensor stabilization

    New rumors.

    • Dual CFExpress memory card slots
    • 0.76-0.78x magnification viewfinder with 100% coverage
    • Dual EXPEED processors
    • Improved AF
    • 3.2 million-dot touchscreen
    • Wi-Fi
    • New silent shooting modes
    • IBIS
    • Added sensor stabilization
    • DSLR with some mirrorless features (better video, IBIS for example)

    All else same.

    Announcement, at least first stage at September 6th.

  • Again, only development announcement

    Nikon Inc. is pleased to announce the development of the Nikon D6 professional DSLR camera and the AF-S NIKKOR 120-300mm f/2.8E FL ED SR VR telephoto zoom lens.

    Nikon released the D1 digital SLR camera in 1999, making 2019 the 20th anniversary of the single-digit D series. Thanks to the imaging know-how cultivated over Nikon's long history in camera development, Nikon's professional DSLR cameras have continued to evolve by introducing some of the industry's most advanced technologies and responding to the strict demands of professional photographers with the ultimate in performance and reliability, even in the most severe conditions. With the D6, Nikon is currently developing its most advanced DSLR to date.

    This year also marks the 60th anniversary of the Nikon F mount. The new AF-S NIKKOR 120-300mm f/2.8E FL ED SR VR F mount lens that Nikon is developing will provide professional photographers in fields such as sports photography with even greater support.

    Nikon is striving to expand possibilities for imaging expression and leading the way in imaging culture with both DSLR and mirrorless camera systems, as well as a rich lineup of NIKKOR lenses.

    Details including release dates, pricing and specifications for these products will be announced at a later date. For more information on the latest Nikon products, please visit


  • Another update on rumors

    • Sensor above 20MP but below 36MP, 24Mp as most probably candidate
    • Improved dynamic range
    • Improved AF system, same number of AF points
    • Advanced video features - 4K 60fps, raw vide recording (external)
    • Dual CFexpress memory cards
  • New update

    • Release during CP++ 2020
    • 24Mp CMOS senor with IBIS
    • Pure DSLR
    • .76-78x 100% viewfinder
    • 4K 60 video with some hard limits
    • Slightly improved dynamic range
    • Very slightly improved AF
    • External RAW recording (using same approach as mirrorless cameras)
    • 1/8000 - 120 seconds shutter speed
    • Dual CFExpress memory card slots
    • Deal Expeed processors, will be pushed as new, in reality will be same as mirrorless cameras
    • Wi-Fi
    • 3.2 million dots LCD touchscreen
  • The Nikon D6 will be officially announced in the first half of February - it could be in the first week of February or around February 12.

    D6 high ISO will be improved by one stop compared to the D5 (not compared to other modern similar cameras!)

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    800 x 783 - 79K
    800 x 753 - 74K
    800 x 502 - 48K

    The New Nikon D6 Offers the Most Powerful AF System in Nikon's History, and Continues the Brand Legacy of Professional Cameras That Deliver Connectivity, Dependability and Streamlined Workflow

    Nikon Inc. has unveiled the D6, a new professional-grade DSLR built for those in need of extreme reliability and ultimate performance.  The D6 addresses the needs of professionals and press agencies, and is faster and more powerful than ever before. Offering the most powerful AF system in Nikon's history, this flagship DSLR camera delivers crucial improvements to modern workflow while also accelerating file transfer capabilities. Promising unparalleled low-light performance, powerful agility, advanced 4K UHD multimedia capabilities and a mechanical shutter frame rate boosted to a staggering 14fps, the D6 will redefine the way pros work. 

    The Most Powerful AF in Nikon's History: The D6 leaves nothing to chance. To maximize hit rate, it is equipped with a newly developed, densely packed 105-point AF system in which all the focus points utilize cross-type sensors and all points are selectable. Through the new focus point layout and the use of a triple-sensor arrangement for each focus point, the D6 achieves AF coverage that is approximately 1.6x denser than that of the D5. The D6 also sports an expanded focus detection range which increases the detection area for single point AF and dynamic area AF, making it easier to achieve focus on a subject even when slightly outside the focus point.

    Improving upon Nikon's popular Group AF mode, this function has evolved with support for 17 custom arrangements from which users can choose according to the scene or subject movement. The D6 also demonstrates superior low-light AF performance. The center focus point works down to -4.5 EV1 and the others to -4 EV, making autofocus possible even in dark situations or with low-contrast subjects.

    Unparalleled Performance: The new EXPEED 6 engine's superior image-processing capabilities combined with the vast amount of information provided by the new dedicated AF engine drives high-level performance in any situation. To help capture the decisive moment consistently, the D6 boasts a 14fps2 mechanical shutter with full AF and AE.  The D6 can also shoot completely silent for sensitive situations capturing full resolution at 10.5 fps. For faster frame rates, the Nikon D6 is able to take 2-megapixel images at approx. 60 fps and 8-megapixel images at 30 fps in Live View mode.

    The D6 leverages a 20.8-megapixel FX-Format CMOS sensor, creating images that pop with stunning detail, true colors and exhibiting incredible dynamic range. The ISO ranges from 100 to 102,400, which helps to preserve sharpness and subtle details in even the most challenging light. Additionally, ISO is expandable up to 3.2 million, giving photographers the ability to truly conquer the dark. 

    Concentration on Workflow: Building on Nikon's history of serving professionals, the D6 is the most customizable Nikon DSLR yet, designed to speed up the workflow of any user during and after capture.

    • Recall shooting functions create combinations of settings that can be assigned to a specific button to get the perfect shot in a pinch
    • The D6 excels in connectivity and supports the same 1000BASE-T Ethernet standard as the D5, with an approximate 15% increase in transmission speed. The camera also supports a number of options for wireless networking, offering built-in 2.4- and 5-GHz*3 Wi-Fi®4 or traditional wireless transfer using the WT-6 Wireless Transmitter (optional)
    • Includes 14 customizable buttons, assignable to any of 46 unique function choices and a new intuitive menu system
    • Priority Image Transfer gives the ability to move an important image to the front of the queue when speed is of paramount priority, which can easily be done by swiping the touch LCD during playback
    • Security Lock compatibility supports connection of anti-theft cables to provide maximum security for remote applications or when the camera is unattended
    • Built in GPS5 gives accurate time, date and location information for just about anywhere on the planet
    • Dual CFexpress6 slots offer blazing fast read/write times and have the ability to overflow, copy or separate file types
    • JPEG functions allow for the simultaneous recording of two JPEG images with different image size and quality settings, which is convenient for separating images that will be transmitted from those that will be edited
    • Creativity options for multimedia creators including a new interval timer mode to retain the best resolution and enable in-camera time-lapse movie file recording providing professionals the ability to create exceptionally sharp 16:9 4K Ultra HD video

    Absolute Reliability: Nikon's flagship cameras remain trusted in the industry and have been proven on the sidelines, in the studio and even in outer space. With a magnesium alloy camera body and extensively weather-sealed design, the D6 is as tough as the professionals who use it, ready to take on the harshest shooting conditions. The camera offers long-lasting battery life, delivering the safety net and energy-saving performance that pros need on daylong outings. The D6 also employs a USB-Type C connector for faster direct-to-PC file transfer rates than previously possible with the D5.

    Endless Lens Choices: By pairing the D6 with Nikon's extremely diverse selection of F-Mount NIKKOR telephoto lenses, professionals have the most advanced imaging solution in Nikon's history. No matter the job, the client or the location, there's a NIKKOR lens, from the ultra-wide to the super-telephoto. The D6 is also compatible with Nikon's line of creative Speedlights, offering extra creative freedom to enhance natural light and add artistry and drama to any scene.

    Pricing and Availability  

    The new Nikon D6 will be available in Spring 2020 for a manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP) of $8,999.95*. For more information on the latest Nikon products, please visit

  • AF sensor


    Exposure RGB sensor


    AF Processor


    571 x 483 - 38K
    720 x 428 - 33K
    789 x 525 - 63K
  • Apology and Notice of Delay in the Release of the Nikon D6 Digital SLR Camera

    MELVILLE, NY – Thank you for choosing Nikon for your photographic needs.

    As a result of delays in the procurement of parts and components from a third-party cooperating company due to measures implemented in response to the spread of COVID-19, the release of the new Nikon D6 digital SLR camera, originally planned for March 2020, will be delayed. We sincerely apologize to our customers and all those concerned for any inconvenience this may cause.

    We are now planning to release the Nikon D6 in May 2020 and will announce the new release date once it has been determined.

    We will continue to closely monitor the situation and do our utmost to deliver this new camera as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding and patience in this matter.

  • Nikon D6 will be shipping out in Canada in the first week of May. And that's May 2020, not 2021!

    D6 is one of them main focus for Nikon, lot of cheaper cameras can be pulled from the market.

    If you will see issues with top bodies it can mean that Nikon id on the brink of collapse also.

  • Today, Nikon Inc. announced the retail availability of the new Nikon D6 DSLR, which was unveiled in February of this year. The D6 will be available in the U.S. starting on Thursday, May 21 for the suggested retail price (SRP) of $6,499.95* for the body-only configuration.

    Whether on an assignment or in the studio, Nikon’s flagship D6 DSLR always delivers. The D6 incorporates Nikon’s most powerful AF to date, featuring a high-density system with 105 selectable cross-type AF points to help capture pivotal moments again and again, even in the most challenging conditions and environments. Since every second counts, the uncompromising D6 incorporates important upgrades to enhance photographers’ workflow and accelerate file transfer capabilities, offering time-saving and customizable options during and after capture. Additionally, the D6 offers robust reliability, unrivaled low-light capability, amazing versatility, 4K UHD multimedia capabilities and a mechanical shutter frame rate that can capture at a blazing fast 14 frames-per-second (fps).

  • The digital single-lens reflex camera "D6" and "filter case FTC-01" that were announced as scheduled for release in May 2020 will be released on June 5, due to the impact of the new coronavirus infection in Japan.

  • Buffer tests

  • For digital single-lens reflex camera "D6" scheduled to be released on June 5, 2020 (Friday), some parts are unavaibale due to the influence of the coronavirus infection. Some of our customers may not be able to get the product on the release date. Delays can continue and affact delivery time to all future customers.