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New fast Sony FF sensors coming
  • Sensor 1 - 60MP CMOS FF, 16 channels

    • 60MP 4.6FPS@16bit
    • 60MP 12FPS@14bit
    • 8k30P@12bit
    • 8K60p@10bit
    • 4k60p@12bit
    • FHD 300P@10bit

    Sensor 2 - 36MP CMOS FF

    • 36MP 10FPS@16bit
    • 36MP 60FPS@10bit
    • on-chip PDAF

    Both offer

    • Weighted pixel binning for less aliasing
    • Dual-gain ADC mode (aka dual ISO) improve the dynamic range by almost 2 stops at high ISO. 1/2 sensor speed if use it.
    • Digital Overlap HDR

    via sonyalpharumors

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  • Now we are talking.

  • @endotoxic

    I just wish camera companies won't repeat history of DVD-Audio players manufacturers. Sad history.

    And 8K is similar to 96/192K audio, meaning that on normal 65-75" sizes you can't see difference.

    May be folding oled will save 8K, but not sure how many camera manufacturers will survive to this days.

  • It's an interesting comparison.

    Thing is, 8k would be grate for post production, punch in like in 4k. But Better. In the end, it's all same thing. Final delivery Will be fucked up by client, or anyone who Is willing to make a difernce. We are now in the Holly grail of stupidity.

    Like china post you make about social rating. It's crazy shit. Now who Is fucked Will be for Ever, untill dead. This is like old civilisations era. Slave, untill you die.

  • image



    699 x 896 - 130K
    646 x 923 - 96K
    702 x 941 - 181K
  • Interesting here is - Scalable Low Voltage Signalling with an Embedded Clock (SLVS-EC)


    In SLVS-EC, the clock signal is embedded in the data and recovered by dedicated circuitry on the receive side. Since the signals are then less sensitive to skew, the data can be transmitted at much higher data rates and over much further distances. Each of the SLVDS-EC channels can support speeds of up to 2.304Gbit/sec. The result is that a sensor that supports the new standard will be able to transfer data over eight links at a data rate of 1.84GBytes/sec (80% of full bandwidth due to 8b10b encoding).

    800 x 637 - 95K
  • IMX455 is a stripped down version of the 60MP IMX551

    • Effective pixels: 9600×6400
    • Recommend recording pixels: 60MP
    • 11/12/14/16Bit ADC
    • Full Pixel 9fps/14Bit ADC
    • SLVS-EC 8Lane
    • Single ADC in Video Mode
    • 12-ADC in Still Picture Mode
    • Native ISO 64/400


    677 x 185 - 43K
  • image

    The star of the show IMX435 sensor has 6 native sensitivities (from base to top as seen in the table):

    • ISO 50 = Conversion Gain -18dB, EI +12dB, DR 17.4EV
    • ISO 200 = Conversion Gain 0dB, EI +6dB, DR 15.4EV
    • ISO 800 = Conversion Gain +18dB, EI 0dB, DR 13.4EV
    • ISO 12800 = Conversion Gain +36dB, EI +6dB
    • ISO 102400 = Conversion Gain +54dB, EI +6dB
    • ISO 1638.4K = Conversion Gain +72dB, EI +24dB

    Its full well capacity at base is particularly impressive at 605k e-, A7SII sensor IMX235 is “only” 159K e- with much bigger photosite. This again highlights the power of Exmor RS.

    683 x 251 - 53K