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What is 11.11 day?
  • Why is shopping so difficult on Singles Day?

    ... in recent years people started to find that, compared to being single, it’s not necessarily easier to shop on this day.

    Does it really save me money? This is the most critical question. Some e-commerce platforms are blamed for raising prices before Singles Day.

    A customer put a pair of 399 yuan earphones in the shopping cart, and witnessed it rising to 549 yuan in the Singles Day presales period. “Spend 499 yuan and subtract 150 yuan”, but it’s not cheaper than before actually, the customer posted on Weibo.

    Some products can only be bought with the promotions during Oct 20 to Nov 11, as the product pages are changed into a Singles Day version, and the “pay” button is replaced by “pay the deposit”, which means shoppers can’t buy it directly.

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  • Mission Control Centre for 11.11 day. Live transaction data displayed for the moneychangers! :)

  • High Speed Passenger train vacated for 11.11 day delivery. Santa still uses a reindeer sleigh!

  • In reality sales are good, if you understand how to look. Or track PV deals :-)

    Chinese culture is different as they rarely just set low price ala US. They can put ton of different coupons, codes, discounts :-) Makes life more fun.

  • Yes, even shopping in person in China always takes more time, since the price is negotiable even if it has a price tag. Unless you just go to Walmart where prices are set. Then there are hundreds or thousands of shops selling similar items. Going to all the shops can take weeks or months ! That's why more retail electronics shops are closing in China as people shop more online. On eBay and aliexpress the same item may have different English descriptions, so it helps to search using different descriptive words. Prices can also be double or triple at different stores. May the Bargains be with you!

  • Mariah Carey- 11.11 day concert

    A bunch of celebs descended upon Shanghai this weekend for yet another star-studded Tmall Singles' Day Gala. The gala took place at the Mercedes-Benz Arena and was livestreamed on Youku.

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  • Alibaba Group recorded online transactions of CNY213.5 billion (US$30.87 billion) during Double 11 (November 11), or Singles' Day , increasing 26.9% on year, according to the company.

    180,000 brands and consumers in about 200 countries and areas participated in the online shopping festival, with non-China-based brands taking up over 40% of total sales. Alibaba used 231 warehousing centers to deliver purchased merchandise items around the world.