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Need Help! Looking for Colorist to color grade my short film.
  • Hi everyone I am a Moroccan screenwriter director and I live in Chicago,USA right now, I have directed a short film in Morocco with no budget couple years ago with an international crew. DP Mexican, Camera AS Spanish, Sound Spanish, Actress Chilean, Actors Moroccan. the short film is a 3 short films in one. NADOR'S TRILOGY- the old man, the whore, and the shoeshiner. (dur25min) I need someone to help us with Color grading. and I am sorry I can't offer you any money, but of course your name will be in the credits and you will have a copy of the film so you can use it for your reel.

    P.S by the way the film was shot in P2,HVX200.

    Thank you. Aksel

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  • Sounds interesting. I'm a Chicago-based filmmaker/colorist and would be interested in serving as the colorist. Is there a url I can go to see your cut? What is your timeframe?


  • @pinger007 Thank you for answering no I don't have a url but I can upload the video so u can take a look at it. The idea is to have the short by the end of Feb, but we can work something out. can I see some of your work if you don't mind. thank you again

    Making of

  • Let me know when you can upload one part of the trilogy. What's your email so I can invite you to a private vimeo page?


  • Hi pinger007 I sent you a PM with my e-mail and a link to a 3d part of the Trilogy, I am waiting for your Vimeo invitation.