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Apple Mac OS X and iOS will slowly go out of the wide market
  • During its Q4 earnings call, Apple’s chief financial officer Luca Maestri announced that the company will no longer report unit sales of its main hardware divisions, including iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

    As Apple promised Mac OS X will be first to go, merging with iOS codebase. Just look around for all leading developers and that they had been doing last year. Apple expect Mac sales to plummet in numbers next 2 years as they will continue series of price hikes.

    Next - Apple will move all new iPhone models into elite niche (2019 models will start at $1399 for cheapest smartphone). iOS will be repositioned and will start to quickly loose market share. Apple also thinks about rising their share in app store up to 45%. In two years time it is expected that Apple app store will have around 35-40% app developers stopping further development and move to Android. iOS ecosystem will still keep most popular applications, Apple own products and set of products made by corporations with close relations to Apple.

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  • So monopoly soon....