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Panasonic S1 FF Camera - copy of Nikon Z6
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    • 24MP Sony made sensor (exactly same as Z6 and A7III)
    • 4K 60p/50p video
    • Same old DFD contrast only AF
    • 3-axis tiltable screen (seems like made for still shooter only)
    • Dual slot with one XQD and one SD
    • Weatherproof
    • EVF has good resolution
    • L-mount, partnership with Leica and Sigma
    • Top-panel LCD screen that can be backlit
      • WB/ISO/EV buttons
      • On/Off switch
      • Front/rear control dials
      • Lockable shooting mode dial, with t PASM modes, C1,2,3 modes and iA mode
      • Drive mode dial underneath the shooting mode dial *A / S/C/MF dial which surrounds the AF point button
    • On the rear
      • Lock button on the left
      • Playback button
      • Movie record button,
      • AF On, AF Joystick
      • Quick menu button
      • Circular scroll wheel
      • Menu/set button
      • Back button
      • Display button
      • Delete button
    • Function buttons on the front of the camera, and a 1/2 switch
    • V.mode button
    685 x 411 - 36K
    715 x 411 - 36K
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  • First discounts start in US, for starters as trade-in stuff


    800 x 332 - 41K
  • The linear function has it's own set of issues. I do lots of filming at long distances and in linear mode regardless of rotation range selected, it is almost unmanageable out toward infinity focus. You simply can't control it finely enough to hit critical focus. The non-linear mode allows ultra fine adjustment when out closer to infinity focus and is much more useful for a lot of the wildlife and landscape work I tend to do most often. With a focus ring clutch like the new 50mm it might be more useful but on the 24-105, I found it to be much worse than than the non-linear mode I've become accustom to and actually prefer.

    Cheers, Pete

  • Shure, i hope this for all owner of GH line cameras.

  • @omega1978

    This same thing must be made as firmware update for all m43 lenses. Not sure if it'll work perfect, but at least it'll be better.

  • Wow! That is a game changer. Does it work for all lumix lenses?

  • @Sph1nxter not my video, but he explane the linear focus very well. you can make marks with a gaffer tape or use a follow focus perfectly in this mode.

  • @omega1978 does this mean you can set digital hardstops on the focus ring? Can you explain with more detail what you mean?

  • @jbpribanic What do you mean the focus ring is jumpy? For me is the best focus by wire that exist. You can change to linear mode and have all options from 90-360 degree how the focus react

  • A comparison from my first shoot with the S1 and kit zoom — the original photo and edited version. Post with Lightroom CC. Any feedback is welcomed.

    I've used all of Panasonic's GH cameras for feature films since 2011 and while I'm excited for the S1 you're looking at a completely new identity for shooting. From size, to weight, to lens, and more you're changing a lot of how you do things — minus the fact that the menu is familiar.

    I don't have a finalized review of the camera other than I love shooting full frame but am not completely sold that this camera will replace my GH5. I'm not a fan of the kit lens when it comes to video — it's absolutely terrible if you're someone who shoots manual for video (I never shoot auto so can't help on that). The focus ring is too jumpy, and overall it's a total let down for run and gun. The picture looks good but getting there is a mess. I had better luck with the GH5 zooms.

    I'll try to get a video posted to show how the GH5 (vLOG) and S1 (Flat) cut together.

    Dual Stabilization did help out a lot and is a must if you're going handheld.

    Shots are for the upcoming feature documentary INVISIBLE HAND that documents a Rights of Nature approach to society (executive producer Mark Ruffalo). Cheers, Joshua

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    2000 x 1334 - 883K
    2000 x 1333 - 661K
    2000 x 1334 - 1M
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  • And here is one of the reasons the Panasonic Lumix S1 is not a copy of anything and truly epic. In cam time lapse with a full frame! Nothing like it on the market. Filming one minute and uploading twenty minutes later !!!

    Cheers, Pete

  • Talked again about sales numbers. For now it is all bad, especially in EU.

    Retail channel now wait for cashback and bundles offers that must bring body cost below $2000.

  • LUMIX S1R (Ver.1.1)

    • Improved exposure accuracy during continuous shooting.

    LUMIX S1 (Ver.1.1)

    • Improved exposure accuracy during continuous shooting.
    • Improved accuracy of flash tuning performance.

    Btw firmware shows that we have completely new LSI. Usage of zImage and rootfs images most probably means that we now have ARM cores. And LNS ( logarithmic number system) FPGA is also indicator that we have FPGA block on LSI.

  • Been away for a much needed week without computers and very limited cell service. I haven't had any proper film projects to work on, but did take a few pics and video with my S1 and 24-105 last week. Put together a little sample using Movie Studio 14 with no editing. Neutral profile, iso 100-500, mostly at f/4 with a 2-stop nd and a cir-pol. The stills in there are using the standard profile and and a little over cooked on the color.

    Needless to say I've ruined my desire to shoot with my gx9 or gh5 much anymore and I haven't even started to try to edit anything with scopes and properly adjust things.

    Cheers, Pete

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