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25-100mm T2.9 Laowa OOOM Cine Lightweight Zoom
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    Laowa OOOM Cine lightweight zoom is the first professional cinema style zoom lens offered by Venus Optics.
    The lens features a wide 25-100mm zoom range, making it a one-size-fits-all lens for different types of productions.

    Unlike some cine lens in the market which were re-engineered from a photo zoom lens, Laowa OOOM Cine series is designed for digital cinematography in the first place. It is truly parfocal, meaning the focus will never shift when you zoom in or zoom back out. It is designed to have nearly zero focus breathing throughout the whole zoom range. The aperture remains fixed at t/2.9 at all focal lengths.

    It is built with the true cinema level mechanics. It comes with a stepless, t-stop independent aperture ring with an industry standard 0.8 mod /32 pitch gears.  The 270° rotation flow provides room or precise focus pulls and the iris is clickless, enabling smooth iris pulls. The lens weighs only 2.16 pounds, which is fairly light for a cinema zoom that holds focus and aperture throughout the focal length range.

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    918 x 512 - 112K
    800 x 361 - 34K
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    693 x 668 - 52K
    800 x 502 - 72K
  • We have nice video from BIRTV about this, will publish soon.

  • Anamorphic thingy


    704 x 782 - 60K
  • 1.4x expander



    753 x 799 - 65K
    800 x 401 - 35K
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    681 x 338 - 27K
  • Is that an anamorphic add-on?

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    577 x 605 - 49K
  • Our NAB interview

  • Updated specs

    • Focal Length: 25-100mm
    • Max. Aperture: T2.9
    • Min. Aperture: T22
    • Angle of View: 18-degrees (100mm) - 64-degrees (25m)
    • Format Compatibility: Super35
    • Image Coverage: 32mm
    • Lens Structure: 20 elements, 16 groups
    • Aperture Blades: 9
    • Min. Focusing Distance: 60cm
    • Max Magnification: 1:4
    • Front Diameter: 144mm
    • Dimensions: 114mm x 247mm
    • Weight: 3kg
    • Mounts: EF, PL
  • Laowa OOOM 25-100 t/2.9 Cine is a high quality cinematic zoom lenses dedicated for PL/EF cameras with Super35-sized sensors. The name “OOOM” stands for “Out Of Our Minds” which properly describes our ideology of designing lenses. Unlike some other cine zooms in the market, the OOOM 25-100mm was designed with a goal to suppress focus breathing to the minimal at the beginning. Featuring a 32mm image coverage, the new OOOM lens covers a relatively bigger image than other S35 zoom lenses and should be able to cover most of the aspect ratios of cameras with Super35 sensors. The lens can focus up to 12.7” (32cm) away from the front element, which is comparatively closer than other lenses in the market with similar zoom factor. The 20 elements in 16 groups optics design successfully suppress distortion and chromatic aberration to the minimal and deliver outstanding resolution across the frame.

    The 4X zoom factor provides a great deal of flexibility to shoot in most scenarios. This lens also has a par-focal and fixed t/2.9 aperture design that both the focus point & brightness will stay unchanged throughout the whole zoom range. The focus, aperture and zoom ring feature a cine-style 0.8 Mod gear teeth for fitting with focus units or motors. An industry standard 114mm front diameter is equipped for filmmakers to fit with their own matte boxes. A focus mark calibration mechanism is incorporated for filmmakers to micro-adjustment in case of front/back focusing. A user-interchangeable PL/EF mounts are available.

    Venus Optics are currently preparing a similar cinematic zoom lens with wider focal length and the other one with a more telephoto perspective. The specifications will be announced in due course.

    The retail selling price of the Laowa OOOM 25-100mm t/2.9 lens is not fixed yet but it will be well below USD 10,000. It will be available to ship from late 2019.

    The lens will make its US debut in the coming NAB show in Las Vegas between 6-11 Apr in Venus Optics Booth (C11738).

  • 100% tariffs....give a whole new meaning to take a vacation when there is an airfare round trip or tour sale from US to Hong Kong.

  • Unless he's talking HK dollars: $10,000HK = $1,277.73US

    I'd hope so! I'd seriously buy two then.

    And he clearly said "around 10000 US dollars".

    Hopes dashed :-(

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    800 x 588 - 70K
    800 x 596 - 84K
  • @fosterchen

    We have our own interview that will publish soon.

    And he clearly said "around 10000 US dollars".

  • Unless he's talking HK dollars: $10,000HK = $1,277.73US
    One can only hope!

  • 10,000?? now way. They won't sell it against the Zeiss 21-100

    Well the Zeiss is a slower T2.9-3.9

    But then again that extra 21mm wide vs 25mm is very nice! (as even 21mm isn't wide enough)

    I felt the biggest competition is the Fujinon MK 18-55mm f2.8, if they can offer this (similar ish price, but a bit different range) but in swappable PL/EF mount (instead of mirrorless only) then Venus Optics would have had a real shot at success.

  • @peaceonearth

    With 100-200% fees of imported lenses that can follow soon... Easy (on their own market).

    Such fees already can be in the ballpark of 50-70%.

  • 10,000?? now way. They won't sell it against the Zeiss 21-100

  • @IronFilm

    Well, it is APS-C only zoom.

    May be they want to aim at internal Chinese market, and know that it'll be even more huge fees on top brands (they are already very big!).

  • OUCH! I just heard in the interview that the Laowa 25-100mm T2.9 will be around US$10K. I see little chance at it being majorly successful at that price point? Needs to drop down massively in price!