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Official GF3 hack development topic
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  • Is it possible to donate with a subject "GF3"?

  • I am buying a b-cam, what do you think its better, go for the gf2 or wait for gf3 and hack? Price wise its not a big difference, but which is the better camera?

  • @gameb: GF2 has a hotshoe, stereo microphone, more buttons and dials, and optional EVF. GF3 is smaller, has somewhat faster autofocus, and maybe a few more whizbang "features" like "Intelligent Auto Plus" mode for stills and a faux-tilt lens "Miniature" filter effect (not sure if it's usable in video, though). Image quality should be the same, as they are based around the same sensor.

  • Oh man am I glad I stumbled onto this page. I just bought a GF3 to use on a quad copter to shoot aerial photography. I get the camera and find out that it has no live feed! So now I'm stuck using this camera to shoot and another to line up the shots. I hate adding the weight of a seconded camera. I really hope the hack will provide live feed out. Ryan

  • Good news for anyone needing live video out. Just hold down Q.MENU for 3-5 sec and walla! Worked for me!

  • @PlaneInsaneRC That's nice, because i've ordered GF3 and i was little worried. I also want to shot some photos and video on my hexa.

  • For you guys who have GF3s, is this a cam you put in your pocket and pretty much forget that its there? I might have to look at that new PureView phone too. Wish for the small size but with quality. TQ

  • Great portable camera , it's extremely compact especially with a pancake lens. Though not quite what you would call pocket-able, unless you have some pretty big pockets. I really wouldn't compare a micro 4/3 camera to the PureView. As interesting as the new sensor tech is , it wont be on par with a large sensor. Also consider the ability to change lenses , shoot raw and Vitaliy Hack :))

  • As far as I can see, ALL Panasonic G system cameras are going to get hacked – EXCEPT G3. Dear Vitaly, really can’t understand why you hate G3 so much…

  • Think its the best Cam in that size!

  • @kesztio: I recall he wrote somewhere that he's planning on getting to G3 after he finishes GF3. Patience, man.

  • Its the second Post of this thread, a few lines above:

    "Vitaliy_Kiselev January 26

    I got the dump. Initially all looks pretty good.

    After GF2 and GH2 v1.11 support will be finished we'll move to GF3."

  • Just stumbled on this site. Great work Vitaliy who has revolutionised the advance of DSLR in video as much as the Canon 5D (IMO). I'm just about to purchase either a GF2 or GF3 from the US. I'm just wondering if the hack for the GF2 (and later GF3) will allow me to select PAL frame rates in the hacked firmware if I purchase a US-version camera? I'd hate to get one and find I'm stuck with 60i and 30P.

    I really appreciate the work of Vitaliy and just made a donation. His work allowed me to produce this music video a couple of years ago shot entirely on one of the very first hacked GH1 cameras.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Any news on the gf3 hack?

  • @blues recently Vitaliy mentioned "I hope to see PTool with GF3 support in March" :)

  • news for gf3 hack..? Vitalliy please answer!! are a myth!!!!

  • What's up with gf3 hack?

  • PEOPLE!!! Please give this man some room to breathe. He's an artist and artists never do their best work with warm, moist breath down their neck.

  • You're right excuse Vit good job!!

  • Is after hacking the GF3 autofocus will be better? And what will be the diffrence in pictures,not in video? Thanks

  • I wait for this hack,becouse i think that gf3 have much possibilities than with original firmware

  • "PEOPLE!!! Please give this man some room to breathe. He's an artist and artists never do their best work with warm, moist breath down their neck." Thumbs Up!

    Lets wait and see, what and when Vitaly release!

  • Today I ordered my GF3 boddy. I will wait for the new PTool to be release, and will donate for the third time when I have installed a modified GF3 firmware for the first time. For now I will use my PTool-modified GH2;-)

    It just takes some time, but when it comes it works fine!!!

  • Just donated for this great work! I'm impressed of the GH2 videos on the net and i can't wait for the GF3 hack. "gut Ding will Weile haben" we say in german. means: good things take time