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Sony is.. kind of best, may be, video
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  • No replies or differing of opinion from the community. Thank god that's settled.

  • I was going to buy the A7III back in June but everywhere it was backed order. I'm glad it was because after hearing a few weeks later that Nikon is gonna be releasing a true mirrorless to compete against the Sony, I told myself I will wait until I see what Nikon has to offer before I make a decision.

    I know Sony has been making mirrorless cameras for years and it has taken them many generations to get it to what it is now. I tell myself Nikon has been making cameras for decades and they should at least get somewhat close to what Sony has to offer in a mirrorless camera. Afer August 23rd is when I will truly know much Sony is KILLING it and decide/make a purchase.

  • @HillTop1

    Rumors are that Sony can discount A7 III very much for Black Friday. :-)

  • @VK, lol, I am pretty sure they will have some discount on the A7 III for Black Friday too.

    If Nikon can give me some good video functionalities on their mirrorless, I will for sure be putting in my pre-order otherwise I get the A7III.

    I like to keep using my Nikon lenses and that Nikon color science is why I hold on to see what their mirrorless will have to offer. My GH5s and D750 cut very well together. It wasn't as easy with the A7III that I tried but the small package size is why I wanted to get one as I don't like to take the D750 with me when I travel.