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Vuze XR VR Camera
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    With the touch of a button, the Vuze XR transforms from a 360° camera to a VR180 camera, enabling content creators to spontaneously tell any story, from every angle

    (LONDON – July 19, 2018) Consumers and prosumers alike will be able to capture and share engaging content, life’s adventures and memorable moments in stunning 360° (2D) or stereoscopic VR180 (3D), all from one innovative device. HumanEyes Technologies today announced its upcoming Vuze XR Camera, designed to capture, create and share both high-resolution photos and full motion video, in either 5.7K 360° or VR180 formats.

    Available in the fourth quarter of 2018, the Vuze XR Camera will transform storytelling by providing the visual dynamics of a full 360° camera, and with a single click, convert to an immersive VR180 format. The unique dual-camera design is portable, simple-to-use and seamlessly combines two advanced capture systems into one pocketable device, giving content creators, social media enthusiasts, world travellers, adventure seekers, families and creators of all types the power and convenience to record or share live to mobile phones, computers and VR headsets alike.

    The Vuze XR Camera allows users to:

    • Capture and share full 360° or immersive VR180 video or photos
    • “Click” between standard 360° mode (when the camera is closed) and 3D VR180 mode (when the camera is open)
    • Enjoy industry leading, high-resolution, 5.7K video
    • Live stream to popular social media channels

    "The Vuze XR Camera is a must have for anyone with a story or special moment to share, from consumers to prosumers. With powerful 360° and VR180 5.7K camera technology built in, along with instant sharing and a live streaming mode, anyone can enjoy the freedom of shooting their story, the way they want,” said Shahar Bin-Nun, CEO of HumanEyes Technologies. “One camera can now live stream in 360° from a concert, take immersive VR180 pictures of the band, and record your friends singing along to edit and share the full experience later. We’re giving users the freedom to spontaneously shoot content from all angles, or only a few, and we can’t wait to see what’s created with it.”

    The Vuze XR Camera is the latest innovation from the company’s award-winning VR camera line, which includes the Vuze and Vuze+ VR cameras, the first cost effective 3D-360° VR camera solution has made content creation accessible to anyone.

    The Vuze XR Camera will be available for purchase in the £400 price range. Additional camera details, specifications and pricing will be available in the coming months. To see the Vuze XR Camera in action and register to be the first to hear more, visit

    HumanEyes is headquartered in Israel with offices in the U.S. For more information on HumanEyes, go to For more information on the Vuze XR Camera, please visit

  • NEW YORK and COLOGNE, Germany, Sept. 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Building on its aim to make 360 degree and VR photo and video content creation accessible to all, HumanEyes Technologies announced today at Photokina the full product details for its Vuze XR Camera, which is now available for pre-order at for $439.  Starting today through November 4, customers that pre-order will receive a free bundle that includes a 360° underwater case, a micro SD card and free worldwide shipping (valued at $175).

    Shipping in late November, the Vuze XR Camera enables consumers and prosumers to create and share immersive experiences in 360° (2D) or VR180 (3D) formats, both in 5.7K resolution. The camera includes the Vuze XR Mobile App, for iOS and Android, and desktop editing software, for Mac and Windows, which allows anyone to edit and enhance content with popular 360° panoramas like Tiny Planet, as well as stickers, text and more. Users have the ability to live stream to social media or share photos and videos later with family and friends.  Vuze XR Camera customers can create their own VR website to host and share content with the HumanEyes Zone, making VR videos even more accessible.

    "People want to bring their content to life and they want to share their experiences for others to enjoy.  We created a dual 360° and VR180 camera, along with a companion mobile app, giving anyone the ability to capture high quality immersive experiences that can be shared in the moment.  The Vuze XR Camera makes it easy and fun to share all of your favorite moments from every angle," said Shahar Bin-Nun, CEO of HumanEyes Technologies.

    Available in black or white, the unique dual-camera design seamlessly combines two advanced capture systems into one pocketable device. Portable and simple-to-use, the camera gives everyone the power and convenience to record, live stream and share videos and photos from their mobile phone or computer.

    The Vuze XR Camera features:

    • The ability to "click" between 2D 360° mode (when the camera is closed) and 3D VR180 mode (when the camera is open)
    • Video resolution up to 5.7K at 30fps or up to 4K at 60fps (H.264 MP4)
    • Photo resolution of 18MP
    • In-camera stitching for up to 4K resolution, and desktop stitching for up to 5.7K resolution
    • The ability to live stream to popular social media channels, including Facebook and YouTube in both 360° and VR180.
    • Google VR180 Certification: HumanEyes is working closely with the Google team to complete VR180 certification for the Vuze XR Camera.

    The camera gives content creators a suite of tools and accessories to make it easy to edit and share 360° and VR180 content, including:

    • The Vuze XR Mobile App: For iOS and Android, the app provides remote camera control over Wi-Fi, photo and video preview, editing, and the ability to upload and live stream to social media. Additionally, the app features stabilization control, photo and video filters, virtual stickers, the ability to add text, color adjustments and the "Directors Cut" mode with Track and Follow object viewpoint adjustment, Little Planet effects, fly in and out effects and more.
    • Desktop Editing Software: For Mac and Windows, the software supports basic and advanced editing and stitching functions for VR180 and 360° content, including live streaming in both VR180 and 360°, as well as sharing directly to social media channels.
    • Accessories: The Vuze XR Camera accessories include a tripod available for $29.95 and an underwater case available for $99.95, which both support 360° and VR180.

    Photokina attendees can be among the first to see a demo and experience the power of the new Vuze XR Camera at the HumanEyes booth H-015 in Hall 5.2 from September 26-29.

    The HumanEyes Vuze XR Camera is the latest innovation from the company's award-winning 360° and VR camera line, which includes the Vuze and Vuze+ VR cameras. To see the Vuze XR Camera in action, view more product specifications and pre-order, visit  To see it in person please visit the booth at Photokina.

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  • i am comparing now VuzeXR and qoocam and still can not decide.

    VuzeXR + 5.7k + protective case for 360 mode in the preorder pack

    qoocam + 120 fps + depth map + came earlier and software features seem more finished and advanced

    but little is known about vuzeXR may be they can catch with some of the software features of qoocam later?

    Does some of the members plan to review VuzeXR?