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Zhiyun-Tech Crane-M 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal - $199 only
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  • It's a good gimbal, particularly well-suited to the Sony RX100 series - there is an available cable that allows you to control the camera from the gimbal. You can start and stop the video recording and control the zoom! This is a big deal because if you try to zoom using the camera controls you will shake the camera badly; similarly pressing the red button on the camera induces a shake. You could use a phone app, but then you need two hands. Here is a brief 4K video demo of the RX100 V on the Carne M - stability (like a tripod was used) for static shots, controlling the zoom, walking while shooting.

  • Yeah - I just recently got the Crane M and have been using it with my RX100. I love the combo! I haven't had any luck with my control cable yet - I might have received a bad one. I'll probably order another to confirm.

    About the only major annoyance for me is that right/left on the joystick seem to only work in locking mode. In the pan/tilt follow modes, it is ignored and one must rotate the handle in order to change where the camera is pointing. This can be annoying since it may result in the thumb being awkwardly-placed when trying to track something.

  • On the control cable (I am sure you know/did this, but just to be sure): 1. Make sure you have not reversed the cable. It is not symmetric - one end is for the gimbal, one for the camera. In reverse it does not work. 2. You must turn on the gimbal before turning on the camera for this to work.

  • I didn't know about #2! I'll give that a shot. Thanks for the tip!

  • My first attempts failed because I ignored #1!

  • Have one, works very well with the GX85 too, even with lenses like the Rokinon 12mm f/2 - just need a good balancing.

  • Yes, I have used it with the Z Camera E1 and SLR Magic 8mm lens:

  • Was the camera's balance a little bit off when shooting that video? The static shots are really nice and stable, but when I watch the video full screen, it seems like there are vibrations in the walking shots which are fairly consistent with an unbalanced payload or funky calibration. It's not very noticeable when it's played windowed.

  • I see them too. As far as I remember it was balanced, as I take care to do that. For the RX100 demo video, I do not see the same vibration in the one walking clip.

  • Yeah - the walking in the demo video looks great. Very smooth. Maybe the IBIS in the RX100 is smoothing out some of the vibrations a bit.

    Here's my vlog from when I took the Crane M/RX100 combo out for a test. I tend to be pretty sloppy with my gimbal work when I hike - so there's plenty of noticeable walking motion, but it does a more than adequate job of smoothing things out enough to keep it from being overly distracting, I think.