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NAB 2018: Post your questions
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    Company: Canon
    Question: How long we must wait for good mirrorless camera with proper 4K?

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  • Black Magic: Question: When will you release the successor to the BMPCC?

  • @pureaxis

    Not such questions.

    Companies will never tell you any answer about their plans, just wasted time.

  • Company: Panasonic

    The GH5 24hz (Cinema) mode has 4k 48 fps Variable Frame Rate (VFR) in both Cinema 4k and UHD. Is there a technical reason why 48fps 4k is an option in VFR mode and not as a regular 4k setting?

    If it is a technical issue, could it be addressed with a crop of the sensor to achieve 48fps Cinema and UHD in the 24hz mode?

  • Company: Sony

    Sony cameras are being used in more and more Cinematic productions each year. Is the lack of DCI Cinema 4k (4096 x 2160) and True 24fps a hardware or software limitation?

    If it is a software limitation, is it something that can be addressed with a firmware update?

  • Company: Panasonic

    The Panasonic GH line allows us to export 10bit high frame rate footage to external devices through the HDMI port.

    Is it possible to have a product similar to the Panasonic Professional Microphone Adapter or even the GH4's YAGH unit for recording Ultra High definition and high frame rate 10bit footage directly to the device?

  • @Mckinise

    Can you make some simpler question?

    On exhibition representative will not answer this, until he is Japanese manager or engineer (almost never happens). Such questions suits CP++ and pre arranged long interview.