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18 Megapixel OLED small displays coming
  • 3.2 - An 18 Megapixel 4.3” 1443 ppi 120 Hz OLED Display for Wide Field of View High Acuity Head Mounted Displays (11:30 AM - 11:50 AM)

    The world’s highest resolution (18 megapixel, 1443 ppi) OLED-on-glass display was developed. White OLED with color filter structure was used for high-density pixelization, and an n-type LTPS backplane was chosen for higher electron mobility compared to mobile phone displays. A custom high bandwidth driver IC was fabricated. Foveated driving logic for VR and AR applications was implemented.

    Carlin Vieri, Grace Lee, Nikhil Balram Google LLC Mountain View CA US

    Sang Jung, Joon Yang, Soo Yoon, In Kang LG Display Co., Ltd. Seoul South Korea