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Veydra Out of Business?
  • I’ve been an admirer of Veydra since purchasing four of their lenses, but recently I ordered 3 X-mounts so I could shoot with my X-T2 and Veydra has not shipped them to me. I emailed them a couple times, but no response.

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  • Some good insights for those interested in lens design

  • "Litigation" I guess some wanted to keep it Veydra and others choose the Meike way...

  • Veydra LLC has gone out of business due to the conclusion of ongoing litigation between the founders of the company.

    I offer special thanks to everyone involved in the success of Veydra; first and foremost all Veydra Kickstarter backers and customers. Specific thanks to those who made it possible from the start; Phil Holland, Illya Friedman, Matthew Duclos, Joshua Brown, Alex Jacobs, and all the supporters too numerous to mention here.

    It’s been a wonderful journey and I thank you all for your support and kindness.

    Ryan Avery

    Meet the capitalism.

  • Or try lensfinder. I think Veydra as we knew it is dead.

  • @JonPfun You might try contacting Duclos Lenses.

  • Has anyone heard any updates from Veydra or availability of their mounts? I love using these lens on E-mount and really would like to transition them to X-mount!

  • Veydra has swappable mounts for MFT and E mount (& more), wondering if they could also be used with a suitable adapter mount swapped in for Sony FZ mount? I've sent a tweet out to Ryan Avery, fingers crossed!

  • Ryan Avery said that he still owns Veydra brand and some new stuff will be available quite soon.

  • @jonpais
    I vaguely recall Dulcos Lenses was involved in their creation: and it seems Matt Dulcos and Ryan Avery have a new project together called Maybe an email/tweet to Dulcos would yield some more info on Veydra.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev In his email to me, Ryan Avery said he was no longer involved in operations at Veydra. How one can be CEO of a company but not be involved in its operations is beyond me.

  • @jonpais

    Sent him message via LinkedIn, will see that he will respond. He still states himself as CEO at Veydra LLC.

  • Veydra is located in California

    Ah sorry, was thinking of completely someone else! oops

    Sorry to hear about your poor experience :-/

  • @Vitlaliy_Kiselev readers still interested in purchasing directly from Veydra should contact Ryan Avery, even though he’s no longer affiliated with Veydra. If anyone is interested, PM me and I will provide the contact details.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Veydra finally shipped the mounts and I received them one month to the day after placing my order. Not exactly what I would call exemplary customer service. I emailed the company numerous times but they failed to respond. You can expect the same after sales service from them as well. They should also have credited my bank for the shipping charges, since $85.00 is for two or three-day delivery, not four weeks.

  • @jonpais

    What you mean?

    I just asked if you have any other contacts? So at least we could ask and add some info to topic.

  • No, Vitaliy, Veydra is not a Chinese company and it is not located in NY.

  • @jonpais

    Do you have any other contacts?

  • No, @IronFilm, Veydra is located in California and they didn’t even ship until I contacted Ryan Avery, who doesn’t even work at Veydra any longer. And even though $85.00 is for express delivery, they didn’t bother to refund even part of the shipping cost.

  • one month delivery time seems a bit excessive.

    Chinese New Year....

  • I contacted Ryan Avery, who’s no longer with Veydra, and he helped me out. Hopefully I’ll get the mounts by next week. Still, $85.00 in shipping charges for one month delivery time seems a bit excessive.

  • @jonpais

    If they are Chinese it is just NY time thing.