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Remote control for 3D
  • Vitaliy, if I remember well, some time ago you have developed a hack version which allowed using remote control AND external mike. I think that there were some problems with one bricked body so that hack version was removed. On the other hand, when using 3D setups, we must use remote controls. This also means that in 3D we can never use external mikes.

    Is there any chance that the previous hack version can be corrected and external mikes used also for 3D shooting?

    Moreover, some interesting features can be used in other modes except Movie (M) mode. In those modes the video can be started by pressing dedicated movie button. However, as we are limited to use of remote control, we cannot use those other modes, since remote control would trigger taking a picture instead of video. Is there any possibility (within the hack by using some menu setting) to trigger "movie button" by the remote control?

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  • Problem is that we do not undertand this part enough yet.
    And understanding it requires skill, and, most important, bunch of time.
  • I understand, since I am also quite involved in developing my half-mirror rig and time flies like mad :-). I am sure that there are many other much more important tasks to be done (e.g. hack unhackable GH1 cameras).

    Good luck with your development!
  • This is exactly part where other developers could help.
    Unfortunately, we did not get any usable result from them up to this moment.

    I hope to get 3D related things on top of my list. As I really like this field and find your and others work on 3D rigs very important.
  • I've attached a simple diagram here that shows a basic, mechanically switched sync "controller". This device DOES work well with GH1s and manual lenses, but, may not be the ideal solution. One of its biggest faults is that the manual switches may "bounce" when closed which can cause sync problems. It does work for me. Your milage may vary! Builder beware!

    Usage is simple:

    1) turn GH1s on (with controller power off)
    2) switch controller power on
    3) press "shutter release" - cameras will begin recording
    4) at end of take, press "shutter release" to stop recording
    5) power both cameras off using the GH1 power switches (not the controller power)

    GH1 gang controls.jpg
    720 x 540 - 53K
  • I've just performed tests with the GH2, and it also doesn't allow microphone and remote control use at the same time. The mic is only detected if the remote and ground line are connected without resistance (ie. no remote). I also tried using a remote to start recording, then connecting remote to ground - but the mic is only detected after recording has stopped.

    So, this does require a firmware hack to enable. It's actually quite a big deal for me, the in-built mics aren't bad but they pick up lens noise, and I have a better external mic. I also don't want to use an external recorder as syncing audio manually in post is a pain, and the audio will drift gradually on longer takes too due to clock differences.

    Would be great if you could take another look at this V.
  • To be clear, all the detection is done on the remote->ground lines:

    open = nothing connected

    zero resistance = mic connected.
    41k resistance = remote is connected
    5k resistance = remote half-shutter
    2k resistance = remote full shutter
  • The body most likely measures voltage, so in voltage terms:

    ~3V: mic connected
    ~2.5V: remote is connected
    ~1V: remote half-shutter
    ~ 0.5V: remote full shutter