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Viewsonic VP3278-8K
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    The VP2768-4K and VP3278-8K are designed to deliver consistent and precise color reproduction, while providing exceptional performance to ensure incredible image quality for color-critical applications and content. ViewSonic’s VP Series of monitors are the perfect next-generation display solutions for photographers, video content producers and editors, and other users that demand the brilliant and wide color gamut and performance consistency.

    The ViewSonic® 8K UHD VP3278-8K monitor is primed to offer users life-like color reproduction with The ViewSonic® VP2768-4K boasts 4K UHD resolution at a 60Hz refresh rate, a wide color gamut and connectivity options including Thunderbolt 3 (USB Type C). The Thunderbolt 3 connection brings Thunderbolt to USB-C at speeds up to 40Gbps, delivering the fastest, and most versatile connection to a display, dock or other high-performance devices.

    VP3278-8K expected price is $5,200.00 (USD), will be available Q4 2018

    790 x 582 - 53K
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  • Great, I'll buy a couple for my YouTube cat videos. They'll go well with my Red Monstro VV.

  • @roly

    I seriously ask you to consider more serious setup for cat videos. Such cheap camera and monitors really do not good to show all beauty of cats.

  • Plus, the RED Monstro does not come in pink.

  • 8K 60p was barely OK a year ago when Dell released, but after 2018 will become useless as 4K 30Hz is now...

    SKIP this monitor and wait for HDMI 2.1 and 8K 120 Hz at a minimum, unless you like brand new obsolete hardware... I'll post another thread about 120 Hz shortly...