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HKC B6000/B7000 - 25inch/27inch 2k IPS Monitor - $340
  • enter image description here So normally I'm pretty selfish about these things. If I find something super awesome floating out among the interwebs, I tend to keep them to myself until I've made sure I've had my fill. Having said that, I actually bit the bullet (since I already had 2 very solid ips panels, 1 decent ultrawide ips, and one super cheap ips panel), and bought myself the 25" B6000. If you can find the B7000 in stock somewhere, good for you. I'm always searching for stuff, so I always find all this random stuff on places like Gearbest, or Lightinthebox, or Banggood. Most of it is untested and have little to no reviews, but for certain things I'm willing to be the guinea pig. In the case of the HKC B6000, the sleekness and alleged specs seemed way too awesome for the price. enter image description here

    After some painstaking Google Translate and tons of research, I managed to find some fantastic reviews of the monitor. They were all in a foreign language (which to me is pretty much anything that isn't English), but after translating the pages made me believe that this may actually be a fantastic purchase. Yes you can find 2k ips monitors for cheaper than this, but not sleeker. This is actually a giant chunk of metal. I've had the monitor for about 3 weeks now and my un-technical review is the following: I definitely plan on picking up a spydercolor elite or something to calibrate the monitor. That being said, according to the specs page and many reviews (which I'll post below this blurb), this is a 10bit monitor with 99% Adobe RGB. From what I've seen, the display is amazing and the color is fantastic, but at the same time since I haven't calibrated my monitors, I'm not sure which colors are off. Once I do that, I'll have a better review. In terms of bezel, this thing actually has picture-accurate thin bezel. I thought the bezel on the Viewsonic VX2370SMH was very good, but this is much thinner. As I mentioned before, this is one seamless piece of metal, so it is not a light monitor in any fashion. It also tends to run hotter than monitors in plastic housings, but I haven't run into any overheating issues yet and I don't think it's an issue. The menu does come in Chinese, I believe. No disrespect, I just don't know the differences between those languages and I don't mean to insult anyone with my ignorance on the topic. You can change the language to English. If I missed anything, please feel free to comment and I'll try to respond in a reasonable time. In the meantime, enjoy these reviews and images. Most of these contain detailed color analysis of the monitors. Again, none of these reviews are in English, so translate if necessary.

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  • You make fair points. I wasn't making the case that this is the best monitor out there for video editing, but it definitely is very nice. From what I understand, and please correct me if I'm wrong, DCI-P3 really matter more if you're doing hardcore color grading. I may do that some day in the future, but for now this monitor really suits my needs and adds a lot more style which sometimes pc hardware lacks. I just wanted to let people know this existed. I very much appreciate your comments and feedback as always, I'm always looking to learn.

  • @shoe_e

    One big thing with such monitors is that they are similar to lottery. No one warranty you that they actually can work normal with 10bit (and not just having 10bit panel). Also Adobe RGB has some use for photos, but for videos you better look for DCI-P3.

    Another thing is IPS, any of IPS monitors always have much inferior contrast compared to modern VA panels.