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So who would like FF gears for their OCT-18s? :)
  • As the title says there may be a possibility of OCT-18 specific gears for FF being made by RAF Cameras if there's enough need.

    Post below if you are interested!

    Price would be around$100/gear but if they're of the same quality as the very solid looking OCT19 gears he makes I'd have em ;p

    EDIT - you may only need 1 for all the lenses as the diameter of the focus area is commonly 56/57 mm
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  • Looks like he has a solution for snap gear type rings that screw onto the OCT 18 lens body - just need enough ppl to be interested to make it worthwhile a run for him.
  • Had I not decided to go with OCT-19s I would have been very interested. Would he however make a model that works on anamorphic?
  • He already makes the OCT19 compatible ones

    Don't know if anamorphics included on there but take a peek.
  • aren't there other easy options out there for this? what about the indi snap gears?
  • @soundgh2: I know, already ordered one of his sets some time ago (he was still waiting for the factory then).
  • Think the problem on OCT18 is the focus part of the lens has 56 mm diameter so normal gears dont go small enough to grip the neck.
    You should be ok with the 19s though as they range from 83-95mm at the focus part of the lens
  • @qwerty123: The smallest diameter they make is 56mm. You could of course add something like foam rubber in between of course, but it's still far from ultimate.
    @soundgh2: Sorry, I think I didn't make myself clear, I already ordered from his lens gears for the 19s (though few other people make gears that are large enough for those), I meant that had I gone with 18s instead I would have been interested.
  • I might be interested... but can't say for sure :-/ The price seems a little high.
  • He's making a prototype methinks - let's see what happens :)
  • How about cinevate gears? Should work nicely, don't you think?

  • Strangely enough ordering some today to try on 20mm pancake and Lomos will report in with disaster or happy times!

  • Prob with the nice chaps at Cinevate for us in Europe shipping due to box size with Fed Ex is $100 more than a gear lol

  • RAF Cameras have the new OCT 18 focus gears available now anodized black metal in 2 sizes for RO and OKC lenses - will grab one and give it a play and report back.

  • Cheers for the info! By the way, there is an ebay retailer for cinevate gears. About 100$ for a kit (I think it's 3 gears in one kit), and about 50$ for shipping to Europe... It's on the expensive side for sure, but I thought it could be worth it anyway to improve the usability of the Lomo's. Reports on RAF gears will be very welcome, though!

  • Aye got them but they dont fit the 50mm ish Lomos theyre great for the >360 degree turn of the panasonics tho and v sturdy! Ill pop some pics of them both on lenses when I get the Lomo ones.

  • Are the screws too short or? (why they dont fit)

  • I've bought RAF gears for my Oct-19's and they work great. I'd imagine his 18 gears are a top product as well.

  • @RRRR: It's because OCT-18 lenses have a smaller than average lens diameter and as such a Cinevate ring might not fit.

  • @Gabel Well, adapting larger to smaller should be no problem if the screws are long enough / provide enough stability. The other way around would be hard. :)

  • They too short OCT18 is 57mm RO is 56mm so you need looong screws - think the RAF ones fit the existing mouse ear screw holes.

    here's the page to check em out:

  • Hmm.. I like how the RAF gears are made but 99usd is putting me off.

    According to The circumference of roughly 179 mm should be no problem for the cinevate gears, with the right "spokes"/screws. (21 mm)

    The benefit of the cinevate ones is that they can be used for other lenses if I would want that, for some reason.

  • Think I got the Cinevate 3 pack on fleabay for $61 but cost $50 to ship em lol If you order from Cinevate direct it comes to about £100 to ship them as they use Fedex and a boxx the size of a small house so the chap on Ebay is the cheaper option!

  • Yeah, I'll order through e-bay.. :) Just waiting to get paid first!

    Did you get an array of "spokes" to choose from or did you have to say which ones you wanted?

  • You get 5 sets so the whole caboodle - not a bad deal really

  • @RRR

    What you get in the box - 3 gears, 5 sets of metal spokes with nylon articulated tips (nicely grippy) another allen key and "get started" bumpf

    Super quick delivery from lcd4video - 3 days to UK from order - nice

    The largest and next down length spoke set will mount on the OKC lenses but is a fiddly fitting - also if you have the OCT 18 anamorphic flavoured adaptor you need to remove it to mount the gear as it's so (nicely) wide - more allen key action!

    Gears are v good build quality and easy to pop on in 60 seconds to a regular lens, they feel much much nicer than any other gears Ive used, and even with the bumper international shipping, well worth it.

    For the Lomos still going to get the RAF gears as they look v sturdy and probably more robust in fitting as they use the existing holes of the mouse ear grips to hold the gear on.


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