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Panasonic GH5S GH5 S, 4K Video Edition
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  • @tubefingers The camera just dropped, so no way in hell there will be any price reductions.

  • @markr041 - I prefer to shoot 192 fps, no crop going on with that rate.

  • @tubefingers

    Too soon, wait for Sony and few other companies, Panasonic must be waiting also.

  • Anyone have news on price reductions mentioned earlier, Im looking to get a GH5s as B Cam for our EVA1, be great if i can pick one up cheap :)

  • I like the use of slow motion in the above video, but it also clearly demonstrates how low the resolution is. It is not YouTube, mainly.

    Here is a true FullHD 240fps video. It's not dolphins, but it's not a faucet flow either.

    Watch in (true) 1080, actually 2K.

  • Found this beautiful slow-mo demo reel for the GH5S:

    At least I'm very impressed by this. It's hurt a bit by YT compression but still. Much better than the many slow-mo samples of people's kitchen faucet.

  • @Firworks Yeah I'm really starting to fall in love with it myself. I just wish I shot that footage at the higher native ISO. Looks like it's time to buy an HDR monitor so I can grade the footage properly!

  • @rockroadpix Congrats on the camera. I hope to join your ranks soon. I keep leaning in the direction of the GH5s rather than the Sony a7III for all the reasons cited previously.

  • @rockroadpix check the first post in this thread. Vitaliy has all the crop factors listed out. It's quite a bit wider and when you speed boost it things get even better.

    @estarkey7 I really like the look of the HLG footage.

  • Worth it! I can't believe how much better this thing is than my GH4. Now I'm going to have to buy another because I can't match the shit easily in post! I have a link to some horribly uninteresting footage at night in V-Log and HLG if anyone is interested. It's just too damn cold to shoot anything interesting in Ohio right now.

    4032 x 3024 - 1M
  • TBH, I think the GH5S is the new GH2. I'm loving it. I will post some vid, when I have compiled enough.

  • @Firworks I'm pretty sure it's well documented that the GH5S is closer to the GH2's 1.86X sensor, not the GH4's 2X. Right?

  • @firstbase - I went with the GH5S. I am happy thus far. I am not a vlogger or anything like that. I am a person that works with pro video gear and I like for my less than pro gear to behave like it were close to pro. Just shot some with the new cam and my client was very happy with the results. They usually use C300 MkIIs and were having trouble telling the difference.

  • Caleb Pike just did a great comparison of the FOV advantages from the MA sensor on the GH5S with and without speed boosters vs. APS-C and FF:

    Also goes through some vector scope comparisons showing the altered color science on the GH5s to be a little less green.

  • Autofocus on the GH5 is as bad as they say. I haven't tried the workaround, but it's also a janky hack for a feature that "just works" on other cameras. If you need autofocus that works reliably (most of the time), don't get a GH5.

    Sony's autofocus tends to work pretty well, though if you have a face in shadow, for instance, with a brighter background, it will almost always choose the background. That can be pretty annoying. Their IBIS is definitely not as good as Panasonic's - especially if you're pairing IBIS with one of Panasonic's OIS lenses. Hybrid OIS is pretty amazing.

  • @RockRoadPix

    That is the proverbial $64,000 question many of us are asking ourselves. If you need stills as well as video and value IBIS over low light functionality, the GH5 is likely the camera for you. If you are looking for a video-centric model with far better low light performance and no IBIS, then you'd probably be most happy with the GH5s. I'm personally leaning now in favor of the GH5s, notwithstanding both Panasonic cameras' reported poor auto-focus performance. (Yes, I'm aware of the 179-degree shutter angle workaround that could ameliorate this issue a bit.)

    I'm also weighing the new Sony a7III for its superior low-light and auto-focus features, but it is only 8-bit video and Sony's IBIS is a bit lackluster as reported by many sources. Also, the notable variety of lens options available for m43 are well known and make it easier to lean toward adopting one of the Panasonic GH cams.

    The good news is, we have lots of nice, high-performance camera options available today.

  • So.. is it better to go GH5s from the 4 or the regular 5? I am leaning toward the S due to the fact that I have a Ronin if I need smooth stuff.