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Panasonic GH5S GH5 S, 4K Video Edition
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  • @thetrickster: where did you find that trade-in offer?

  • @suresure123

    Rolling shutter, but the readout is extremely fast on it compared to any other mirrorless out there. The effect is very very well handled

  • @suresure123 rolling shutter

  • Is this global shutter?

  • Wonder how many GH5S owners will be selling their camera in September ;)

  • Just got around to putting together some of the videos I shot when testing out the GH5s pre-production several months ago!

    Here's a music video we shot using only a single 60watt bulb camera right and a variety of lumix lenses (42.5 f1.2, 15mm f1.7, 25mm f1.4)

    This was shot using the first pre-production firmware so didn't have the full range of dual ISO, but most shots here were between 1600 and 6400 with no noise reduction!

  • Panasonic doing £200 / 250€ trade in on old cameras against the GH5s in EU Land.

  • Found some pretty impressive 240fps slow-mo eagle footage. Some of it is a little out of focus but I'm sure this was very challenging shooting.

  • Tyger Tyger (The Tiger by William Blake) in HDR Hybrid Log Gamma GH5S shot in Rajistan India Ranthambore Bagh. filmed over 5 days and 10 safaris we managed three of them to find tigers to build this story.

  • The Artist Inspired by HDR filmed by Driftwood. Really loving the wider curve in the highlights of Hybrid Log Gamma.

  • unfortunately it's a bad sample as the de-squeeze in post isn't strong enough.

  • Gh5s with anamorphic adapter 50mm:

  • @IronFilm

    Several YouTube videos posit that a Synchro Scan setting at 179 degrees (rather than the normal 180) greatly assist with autofocus. It appears to work for both the GH5 and GH5s. This video is one I've found quite interesting.

  • That is the proverbial $64,000 question many of us are asking ourselves. If you need stills as well as video and value IBIS over low light functionality, the GH5 is likely the camera for you. If you are looking for a video-centric model with far better low light performance and no IBIS, then you'd probably be most happy with the GH5s.

    Some people might be able to live with the 10.2 megapixels of the GH5S :-) It is still heaps more than the Nikon D50 I started out on! (and massively better low light than the CCD sensor of the D50! :-o )

    I'm personally leaning now in favor of the GH5s, notwithstanding both Panasonic cameras' reported poor auto-focus performance. (Yes, I'm aware of the 179-degree shutter angle workaround that could ameliorate this issue a bit.)

    What is the 179 degree work around?

    TBH, I think the GH5S is the new GH2. I'm loving it. I will post some vid, when I have compiled enough.

    Nice way to put it, this generation's GH2

  • A nice old violin, with fake pegs, bridge and tailpiece.

  • Panasonic dual ISO explanation:

    In a conventional imager / system, the ISO number is increased by increasing the gain of the gain amplifier. Therefore, in proportion with ISO number, it is also amplified the noise, the S/N ratio is deteriorated as a result. This is the traditional “gain-up” ISO boosting technique.

    In the new s35mm Panasonic image sensor, each imager pixel has an integral ISO (sensitivity) switching circuit. This ISO switch mode uses changes in the charge to voltage conversion processing of each pixel. The choices are native ISO 800 and native ISO 5000. ISO 5000 is about 6 times the standard sensitivity of ISO 800 (about 2.6stops), however and importantly as no electronic gain is used in this ISO switching process, the noise performance of the camera at ISO 5000 is very similar to that of ISO 800. Measured SN/R differences are only about 1dB.