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Panasonic GH5S GH5 S, 4K Video Edition
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  • If I recall correctly, GH1 and GH2 both had a multi aspect ratio sensor, but the GH3/GH4/GH5 did not? And now the GH5S returns with a multi aspect ratio sensor, so the GH5S would have the same field of view in 16:9 shooting as the GH1/GH2 had?

  • Now that this camera has been out for awhile, anyone have a feeling for how much sharper is the GH5 in real world?

  • The chances stay very good that Panasonic will release a new firmware update for the G9-GH5-GH5s at Photokina.

    Firmware main purpose can be paid option.

  • New firmware coming


    699 x 666 - 145K
  • With this video, I learn two things;

    1) Panasonic is aware they are a laughing stock of their shitty video AF

    2) The new firmware update will definitely give me an idea of how serious they will take video AF on the FF line if their claim of AI with AF will hold any merits or just some usual sales gimmick.

  • GH5S in reverse motion. GH5 in forward motion.

  • Shot all handheld with the powerful GH5S in 4K 60P DCI 10 Bit Pro Res LT to the Atomos Shogun Inferno. Captured in V-Log L and color converted to the Alexa Color Science with the Emotive GHAlex(a) process. This resulted in soft, pastel like coloring, and a smooth highlight roll off in the specular highlights. The grading is imperfect due to time constraints, but should serve as a testament to what these cameras are capable of!

  • Comparison with Alexa Mini