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Panasonic GH5S GH5 S, 4K Video Edition
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  • @Scot

    Fragmentation is basic trick used by big firms and tough on marketing classes. And they look at Sony and want to repeat it all.

    This is camera market

    Manager can't risk with original decision, too much piranhas around, so they try to copy something that works.

  • I personally hate all this fragmentation of the GH series and I don't think it will serve them well. Maybe there base customer has more money than I. They need to ditch the GH5 as is. Than Meld the GH5 into the G9 to make one camera that can do it all fairly well GH6! After all most of the differences are firmware between them. The actual hardware differences would probably be welcomed by GH5 users. If they absolutely have to they can have a paid video firmware update to turn on advanced video features. Than I would embrace the new GH5 VE what ever they want to call it that loses resolution for ultimate video quality which of course could also be fitted in the new lets call GH6 body. I think more and more photographers are doing video and stills and are looking for one camera that is functional in both that they can buy the 2 bodies (backup) for pro work not 6 or even 4.

  • As I said, all is too uncommon for Panasonic and for me look as thing to scare Fujifilm making quick mod for GH5.

    As actually you can make some amount of prototypes very fast in 1-2 months. After this can just use common approach with delays.

  • Would be great to see built in ND filters if possible.

  • DPoa50kXkAAhiJe.jpg
    800 x 531 - 65K
    540 x 304 - 12K
  • I'm just waiting for someone to glue an "s" onto their GH5 and make a click-bait YouTube... Better be quick- only 14 days!

  • This is getting real.

  • Rumored price in the 2499$ range. Availability by End February early March:

  • Maybe there will be two versions, GH5r and GH5s:

    R-resolution version with 8k video and 44 (4:3) or 33 (16:9) megapixels

    S-sensitivity version with 4k video and 10 (16:9) or 12 (4:3) megapixels

  • Maybe the organic sensor is ready (fuji + panasonic organic sensor).

    If the organic sensor is ready, the low light performance and the dynamic range can be improved without reducing the megapixels.

  • @eatstoomuchjam - Well it depends on the specs of the new camera and price level. Also, the suggested retail ofthe GH5 could be lowered to be even more competetive in the market. It's a year old allready.

    GHxx price is allready leaked as USD 2500.

    More interesting is the fact that Neumann has tagged his video with "8K".

    This might suggest a radical newer sensor than the STARVIS Sony device.

    14 days to know.

  • I don't think it would be crazy at all for Panasonic to release a GH5s. Here is why:

    • GH5 is / was a popular video camera
    • New Sony M43 sensors are very nice
    • Panasonic can keep 90% of the same design of the GH5, allowing Panasonic to use same body (if the rumour is true)
    • Panasonic will most probably charge a premium for a low light version of the GH5.
    • GH5 form factor will be fantastic for video production
    • M43 mount lenses are great for run and gun video work- they are light, and compact
    • M43 is much easier to achieve a larger DOF, a good compromise for when you don't have a focus puller- or gimbal work, yet allows bokeh if using correct lenses
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  • @EspenB Panasonic would be crazy to announce something like a GH6 after so recently releasing a firmware update for the GH5 which bumped its video feature set beyond most similarly-priced competition and gave it at least another year of relevance - far more likely a GH5 variant.

  • I think there are three options for a GH5s:

    a-10mp or 12mp sensor without dual native iso

    b-10mp or 12mp sensor with dual native iso

    c-20mp sensor with dual native iso

  • Could this new camera be an actuall replacement for the GH5? Like a GH6?

  • The GH5 and G9 can do 4k60p so the GH5s can do two 4k30p for HDR merging in camera. (or two 4k24p and 4k25p)

  • Seems to be changes in Panasonic US marketing team.

    G9 marketing was a flop, so this time they want to make some hype and controlled leaks.

  • I want the red ring!

    551 x 546 - 33K
  • I predict with rumors of this and pending release of G9 Panasonic will end up selling no GH5s in December look for discounts. Maybe they will offer a red ring decal kit for GH5 to encourage sales : )

  • There is a GH5X whatever with a red ring on the drive mode in this behind the scenes. Look at 4:40 into the video.

  • @jamesb EVA1 has a S35 sensor built in. GH5 -and I guess GH5s- it's M43 sensor based

  • It will probably use a dual ISO configuration like the EVA1 if it is based on the same sensor platform. Expect the camera to cost nearly 3k if they want to separate it as a premium product from the plain GH5. It should have the new IBIS from the G9 6.5 stops and the high res shot mode to cope with the lower resolution if 10MP for higher res stills. Both the supposed leaked shots in my view are fake and altered, not from a new camera.

  • We need to see the difference before conclusions, how it would be in iso 1600: 20 megapixels sensor full sensor readout versus 10 megapixels sensor back illuminated full sensor readout.