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ColorGHear TOOLKIT- color grading SYSTEM for AE
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  • Thanks, shian! Just went through the purchase process and didn't have any issues getting the download to work. Looking forward to digging in to all this in the coming days.
  • @oedipax Good to hear. Looks like I finally got everything debugged.

    Gonna go to bed, if there are anymore problems with the site or the downloads, OR if you run into any installation problems not covered in the latest documentation - msg me and I'll get it all sorted out when I wake up, and then I'll get to work finishing this PDF listing the GHears and their functions, and knocking out the next 2 tutorials.

    Enjoy, and know that the tutorials coming over the next month will have some really cool stuff in them. The 4 that are up now are just the basics to get you started. But the next 2 deal with tracking, masks, and customization of your GHears. They are going to be followed by tutorials that cover working with entire scenes, how to break down your film into manageable chunks for grading, tech pass vs. style pass, in depth color theory, working with scopes, targeting grain, building your own GHears and film stocks, and then finally how using ColorGHear will prepare you for SpeedGrade because there are a LOT of similarities.
  • Hi Shian,
    Just went to the site.
    I noticied that if you go the membership login and join us link,
    it says that a premium membership is $50. Yet, the colorh product
    for $25 says it includes a free premium membership.

    So I assume the 50 is a misprint, right?
  • @chauncy Um, not entirely. A Premium Member ship is $50, but if you buy the plug-in for $25 (limited time only - ends Feb 15th then it will go up to its full retail price of $50) you get your membership included for free.

    So put simply, buy the plug-in and get a free membership. It's a funky way of doing things, I know, but it's the only way I could get the member server and store to work together without some really odd errors.
  • Running down a weird error. Anyone having problems with ColorGhear in CS4 on Windows 7? Or any other OS?
  • I'm hunting for sceenschots of exactly what it does, any help there? Checked the website, didn't see any.
  • @kholi there's videos on page 1 of this thread with everything you need to know about the plug-in
  • @shian

    Just saw the video embed. It's a vimeo, so you have to wait for it to load before you can skip around to find out exactly what it does/is. Or I may have missed that explanation on the site.

    Would it be beneficial to have a text page with screenshots of the plugins controls etc to show what it does without having to load a 15 or 60 minute video? For those who can't spend the time hunting through the footage.
  • @kholi Yeah. I'm working on it. Once I'm caught up on tutorial content (wanna keep my users happy), I'll make some shorter walkthrough vids. Stills don't really show prospective users anything, stills can be cheated, video can't. I'm proud of the way ColorGHear makes video look, and want people to see that it is actually being done with ColorGHear not on something more expensive and being passed off as ColorGHear.
  • Great work Shian!
    I must say that I was sceptical at first, it seemed to me like a bunch of useless after effects presets. Actually I paid just to gain access to Shian's tutorials and to learn some new tips on Color Grading. But after 10 min playing with ColorGhear I realized how wrong I was!
    ColorGHear is an excellent tool and I'm surprised how versatile it is .
    Keep up the good work!
  • Purchased!

    Looking forward to installing and grading my current short in it!
  • @jobless Thanks, man. It really means a lot that you guys are liking it. And you haven't seen anything yet. It'll probably take me until the 10th or 12th tutorial to cover just how versatile it is, and then you'll understand what it is you have living inside After Effects now - a color grading monster.
  • Bought it. I'm really excited about this.
  • @shian

    I'm having issues with the install. Any ideas where that "User Presets" folder might be hiding?
  • @artiswar check the work around in the installation instructions that are in the install folder. You may have to force AE to create one.
  • Alright. Could you clarify what you mean by adding a "layers adjustment" to the adjustment layer.
  • I just spent twenty minutes or more loading and listening to the videos, and the only thing I could gather from the first video and trying to make it through the second was that ColorGHear is a set of presets. I don't know what the actual tool is.

    Personally, I'm just looking for a very clear and well-written piece of documentation on exactly what the ColorGHear Toolkit is, why I should pay for it/use it instead of Colorista or DaVinci or even Magic Bullet Looks. I can't find that. The FAQ doesn't offer me any insight to that.

    However, the first one (although it was hard to listen to because of your Mic or how close you were sitting, the sounds of you resetting your breath were driving me crazy lol) was good for people to hear. Levels and Curves are really the strongest assets in balancing an image. I wish Colorista had a very fine point adjustment curve, sadly it's just four pre-determined points.

    Can anyone please help me and tell me exactly what you're installing outside of a number of looks???

    Hopefully that didn't come off the wrong way!
  • @artiswar

    user presets for windows 7, vista, are C:\Users\username\Documents\Adobe\After Effects CS5.5\User Presets. You can also put them in the C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CS5.5\Support Files\Presets and browse presets in ae to find them.

  • @artiswar oops, that should read "Levels" here's some screen shots that might help. (Accidently attached 2 of the same image, but it won't let me delete the second one so just ignore it.) Thanks for pointing that out I'll fix that in the documentation and add screenshots to the PDF version (now attached)
    Screen shot 2012-01-01 at 4.33.53 PM.png
    927 x 812 - 193K
    Screen shot 2012-01-01 at 4.33.53 PM.png
    927 x 812 - 193K
    Screen shot 2012-01-01 at 4.34.27 PM.png
    810 x 552 - 129K
    install instructions.pdf
  • @kholi the presets are essentially a backdoor way of programming into After Effects the same tools I have at my disposal at work when I'm grading in SpeedGrade and Davinci. I don't use them as layers, but more like nodes. And then in the tutorials I teach you how to use them to get the kind of results I get. What you're really paying for is the tutorials, and my experience as a Professional Colorist. The main difference between this collection and the others you might have seen, is that I have fine-tuned the toolkit for cleaning and punching up DSLR footage, but if you feel its not for you, don't buy it. I'm sure @jobless felt the same way, but he very quickly learned that ColorGhear is much more than a set of looks.

    It's the exact same set of tools I used on "The Cell 2" - Yes, I did the grading for all the FX scenes as well as the compositing in CS3 because the producers wanted something more interesting to look at while doing QC. I removed them for the Digital Intermediate, but when Fotokem couldn't reproduce my results in Davinci I was asked to put the looks back in. So every scene in that movie that contains a visual effect was color graded with a very primitive version of ColorGHear, it wasn't even called ColorGHear yet, it was just a folder full of AE presets I had created over the years that allowed me to work very quickly. I also used it on my award winning short film: "Singularity".
  • @shian

    It's not about feeling whether its' for me or not, it's pretty much about being interested in a product and trying to find out exactly what it is. There wasn't any documentation that pointed to what you just wrote, which explains everything faster than it would have loading two videos that total about 60+ Minutes.

    No one's discounting your experience, but your sales pitch and documentation were lacking to the point that I didn't understand what exactly was being sold. I understand every single thing you're doing, I live and work in the same world.

    Even if Magic Bullet Looks is only looks, I know what I'm buying when I got to the site. I can look on a package of rice and know exactly what I'm getting. Now I know exactly what I'm buying if I hand you my hard earned (and very scarce) dollars, more so your tutorials and looks that you've developed over the years versus software or actual plug-ins.

    Thanks for clarifying.
  • @shian

    I have recieved the Download link.
    But not Registration details for member login? I have send u a message from website...
  • Purchased...
  • @zorba - tracking it down now, I see your receipt, and will activate your membership with a temp password that you can change after logging in. But in the meantime, try checking your spam filter.
  • @shian

    Ok! I have recieved registration complete mail. Thank you!
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