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Can I add raw support to a Sony DSC-W200
  • Any way to hack this point and shoot to get raw files out of it? Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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  • I think such does not exist.

    it is very old and it is 10x simpler and 1000x cheaper to just buy used good camera with large sensor and raw.

  • I have my reasons for wanting to use it but thanks for advice. If anyone knows how to hack to get raw files let me know.

  • I understand, I just tell you that if look around you find lot of 1 to APS-C small cameras with amazing photos and raw.

  • I already have expensive cameras. i want something under 50 dollars with raw support, something very small. It can be old and low in megapixels. The W200 has a nice Zeiss lens.

  • In this case type $50 as upper limit in ebay search, look for sony cameras only (most have Chinese lenses branded as Zeiss, it was special agreement) and get one with raw.

  • Yes but no raw support on the Sony, that's why I posted here. Want to know if I can hack firmware to get raw files.

  • The Canon PowerShot S90 is about $50. Other PowerShot S-series cameras cost more or less.

    There's also the Canon Hack Development Kit (CHDK) for smaller and cheaper cameras like the PowerShot SD1300.