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SLR Magic ND Filters
  • SLR Magic expands its filter lineup with fixed ND filters

    Hong Kong, China (August 23rd, 2017) - To achieve a shallow depth of field, cinematographers use ND filters to control exposure to shoot at wider apertures. To achieve motion in still pictures, photographers use ND filters for long exposures. Modern digital sensors have a broad color spectrum and sensitive to far red for better color response. However, when ND filters are used, only light in the visible spectrums are suppressed without accounting for far red to infrared suppression. As ND density is increased, infrared contamination occurs.

    As a result of these simple yet frequent problems, we bring to you new additions to the SLR Magic ND range.

    Here are several problem solving factors that gives us a competitive edge:

    • The SLR Magic ND contains no dichroic coating and will not vignette green, magenta or cyan at wide angles.
    • The SLR Magic ND filter suppresses far red along with visible light to avoid issues of color shift and far red pollution when higher density ND is used.

    Its not so common knowledge that many digital sensors are more sensitive to infrared light. So for best results, we also recommend using the SLR Magic Image Enhancer Pro filter for IR control.

    All our filters are manufactured and optimized to deliver colour accuracy and sharpness across all brands of lenses, and, when utilized with our proprietary lenses, the results are evident. This very commitment to consistency in optics is fast becoming the standard and ethos at SLR Magic.

    Here are the technical details:

    These new SLR Magic fixed ND filters are available in the following densities.

    • 0.3 (1 Stop) – 82mm
    • 0.6 (2 Stop) – 82mm
    • 0.9 (3 Stop) – 82mm
    • 1.2 (4 Stop) – 82mm
    • 1.5 (5 Stop) – 82mm
    • 1.8 (6 Stop) – 82mm
    • 2.7 (9 Stop) – 82mm
    • 3.0 (10 Stop) – 82mm

    The SLR Magic ND filter (MSRP: $99 US) will be available from authorized dealers starting September 2017.