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The recording stops after HBR firmware is 42 Mb / s
  • Map of Kingston class 10 SDXC. I start writing in NTSC and immediately pops up this table "RECORDING OF THE MOVEMENT OF THE PICTURE CANCELED FROM THE RESTRICTION OF THE RECORDING SPEED ON THE CARD". I have to take out the battery to revitalize the camera. I will be grateful for the advice!!!

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  • What hack settings are you using? Not all are stable. Cake is stable in HBR at about 45 Mbps.

  • Hello. I do not use firmware. I just enter on the keyboard in PTool a bitrate of 42 mb / s in the FSH field end FH

  • It takes a few seconds and hangs. In 24p this is not, and there bitrate is the same (42mb / s)

  • In HBR it's never as simple as just increasing the bit rate. A lot of parameters need to be adjusted. I suggest just using the settings of someone else who already did the work.

  • Thanks you. Just have one problem, my memory card is not very fast Kingston 64 with a reading speed of 10mb. Could you give a link to the firmware where the bitrate in HBR would not be more than 40 mb / s? Sorry that I'm writing with errors, I'm writing a translation through Googles.

  • I put your "Cake v2.3" firmware. It's very good in HBR 30p and on my Kingston 10 class card. While the recording does not stop. I'm grateful for your help. But I noticed (maybe it seemed to me) the 24p mode became worse. Maybe I'm wrong?