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Last chance Smurf
  • Last chance to pick out the lenses in the Smurfathon. Take a chance, spin the wheel. The candidates are the Olly 45mm, the Vivitar 55mm and the Rokkor 50mm. Easy as pie!
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  • No processing of any kind to the video, Smurfiously. Please number your choices 1,2,3 and results will Smurfically appear.
  • Although more than 100 people have viewed the Smurf trifecta, no one has hazarded a guess as to which lens is which. This could be because
    A. It is soooooo obvious! DOH!
    B. None of the above.
    List the lenses 1,2,3 and win an autographed CD. Or even not autographed so you can sell it on eBay!
    One CD available. Maybe two if @lpowell votes.
  • It is because people click having no idea that it is about.
  • Even I don't know!
  • Calling all eagle eyed LBAs, vote on your lens! Are there any differences between $400 lenses and $13 lenses?
  • Get Oly 45mm from ebay (it is cheapm for it's image qualities) and get Vivitar 55mm later. :-)
    Don't have Rokkor, so can't tell.
  • my gut feeling, the 3rd is the Oly.

    its a toss up between the other 2, can't see any difference.
  • Guts. I like to see guts! Dizzbit hath guts, as Shakespeare said.
  • Well, I'm totally smurfed that no one else voted.
    Here are the answers:
  • Darn that Rokkor has lots of distortion..... and the Olly = Vivitar...
  • Couldnt tell the distortion, and i thought it was just the framing.

    I guess the difference is the price...haha.

  • I couldn't tell the difference. If you have a flat image you can look in the corners, but for shallow DOF there is no detail in corners. On a really big screen I can see there are subtle differences, but I can't tell which is which.