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NAB 2017: Fotodiox DLX Stretch lens adapters
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  • Hmmm, I wounder if this can be a solution to making anamorphic adapter setup single focus, as it moves the whole setup further and closer to the sensor

  • PR

    Fotodiox Pro, creator and distributor of several lines of specialty solutions for videography, cinematography and photography, has announced a brand new addition to their extensive collection of innovative lens adapters: The DLX Stretch, a new series of 24 multi-function lens adapters for Sony E-Mount, Fuji X-Mount and Micro Four-Thirds mirrorless cameras.

    The DLX Stretch is the latest in Fotodiox's ongoing commitment to creating and manufacturing the largest and most flexible library of lens adapters in the photo and cinema industry. Each DLX Stretch packs three levels of creative functionalty into a single lens adapter. Vintage and modern lenses can be mounted via eight different lens mounts.

    A built-in helicoid allows adjustment of the overall length of the adapter for close-focus macro style shooting or backfocus adjustment. Plus, the specially-designed rear section of the DLX Stretch houses drop-in magnetic Neutral Density filters. Each kit includes ND4, ND8, and ND16 glass filters in a leather case.

    "When we created the DLX Stretch, we set out to "stretch" what shooters expect from a lens adapter," said Bohus Blahut, marketing director for Fotodiox Pro. "Today's mirrorless cameras are amazing, but they suffer from too few native lens choices. The DLX Stretch adapters bring those choices back. Additionally, the DLX Stretch offers amazing imaging flexibility with its built-in macro-focusing helicoid as well as our revolutionary drop-in filter system for rapid-fire filter changes. With DLX Stretch lens adapters, you can get more done with a single lens than ever before."

    DLX Stretch adapters are available for the following lens mounts: Canon EOS, Canon FD, Contax/Yashica, Leica R. Minolta MD, Nikon, Olympus Zuiko (OM), and Pentax K. Select models of the DLX Stretch also include additional aperture control for lenses that lack an aperture control ring. They are available now at .

  • Wow, over 600 adapters! Never would have guessed Fotodiox had so many :-o

    US$129.... quite tempting.

    I see they have a cheaper adapter which still has the long throw aperture control: