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AMD Threadripper 16-core CPU
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  • image

    650 x 390 - 29K
  • Just 4 8 core chips :



    648 x 340 - 26K
    645 x 354 - 45K
  • 4x8 = 32

    So only four 4-core chips?

    (This "processor" is hilariously large - looks like vintage Intel procesor ;-)

  • Lol! If this keeps up AMD should just release a motherboard with CPU built in! :-)

  • @alcomposer

    Btw I love such idea.

    32GB soldered DDR4, 16 core CPU in BGA format, and soldered 1080TI 11GB card. All covered by single heatsink and two 12cm fans.

  • Well if AMD released it it wouldn't be a 1080 card. Why should Apple have all the soldering fun?

  • About 32 cores


    I think Threadripper can have 4 chip design to save costs as you can have up to 4 failed cores.

    614 x 329 - 37K
  • Its not just 4 8core soldered. The arquitecture and the internal buss also matters. I want to see the scalar posibilities on this design.

  • Well



    746 x 415 - 56K
    740 x 418 - 56K
  • Amd you crazy.

    I didnt see those papers before. Its pretty clear is more scalar than intel. Those bandwiths are a good sign of things to come. I wonder what should be the limit per actual processor in soket. There are 4 nodes of 8 cores. At 38GB/s should a 32 core per node be its limit of bandwith for soket to soket interconnect?

    die interconnect seems more flexible than Soket one. Its on die so its faster..but seems to me there clearly shows soket to soket is worked by pairs accessing memory and IO by pair. i assume sharing resourses as pair also.

    I like threadripper and its server siblings.