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GH2 replacement in a multicam shoot. Only using HDMI output. t5i? 1D? D5?
  • We have three GH2s in a mulitcam live switched set-up. One of our GH2's HDMI port died. We are not recording inside the camera; we are just using the HDMI output (which is converted to 1080i SDI by a Blackmagic converter) and run into a TriCaster, a video broadcasting device.

    We need to replace the GH2 from the following list of Canons: t5i, D5, 1D. Is it possible to convert the HDMI output of any of these cameras like I can with the GH2: HDMI to 1080i via a Blackmagic HDMI to SDI converter?

    I tried a t5i as a substitute. The HDMI video converts to SDI and I can run the video signal into the TriCaster, but the t5i screen goes black so the camera person can't see what they are doing. I have the t5i set to "live" (doesn't seem to matter) and dialed to the movie position.

    I have access to a D5 and a 1D. Will either of these cameras work? Can I get the t5i to work? What settings do I need to have? The camera person needs to be able to see what they are shooting on the camera's LCD screen.

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  • Require someone who know topic. As far as I know low end canons all output some crap to HDMI.

    I made title little simple, ok?

  • Thanks. I can get the output of the t5i, but the camera screen goes black. Is the problem the LCD screen and the HDMI output can't both function at the same time?