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Using a 4K TV as a Cinematic Background
  • I was curious to see if the old ways of back projection could be updated with the use of a 4K TV. We thought that the brightness and refresh rates of modern screens could work well with a 24FPS camera.

    Here's the results:

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  • Where do you see the implementation of this, since it should be a fairly huge tv for anything but a closeup shot, and if it is too close it would be a hassle to control the reflections, and lights generally. Maybe for car windows, like in old school rear projection. But it would still need to be big f**n tv.

  • @inqb8tr I agree with your analysis. The tests you see here were done with a 75inch Samsung. If I were to do this again I would use a 50mm lens to get more of the TV in the frame, this would give much more than head and shoulders.

    In particular I was interested in the behaviour of the glass and how we see the background through the glass.

    The cost of a second generation 4K TV is dropping all the time!