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lighting gear for interviews
  • I'm looking to buy a couple of lights for interviews. I'd like to cover several eventualities, so this is my list. 1 x Aputure HR672S + Easy Frost diffuser 1 x Aputure H192C I'm thinking for a setup with more time and space to play with, I can use both lights, with the smaller one as fill. For run and gun interviews the on camera H192 will be used. Comments?

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  • It all depend on your interviews type and lights spread. Usually larger panels are used and something for hair light and backlight.

  • I think mainly quick setup interviews. We shoot music events and it's fun to capture audience reactions during and after the events. So minimal setup time is key here. I thought the 672 + diffuser would create a reasonably soft spread, I could add the egg crate at a later date. The smaller aputure would be for fill or backlight.

  • I'd recommend the aputure al-m9 as a hair light, kicker. It's so tiny with such output. Bounce it or put a tissue in front to diffuse if need be.

    Review :

  • @chauncy

    And I don't recommend it. It has very wide spill.

    Much better idea is to get 18650 based flashlight on good led with adjustable spill.

  • It's so tiny you can put it as close as need be any where you can put tape. It also has 10 brightness settings. I've even used it as a key or fill helper in places that have light but could use a little more

  • In the end I bought an amaran 672 and an amaran192. 672 on stand and 192 on camera. Results....