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Copy protecting a DVD/Blu-Ray
  • I am trying to find out how to create or add copy protection on a DVD or Blu-Ray. Preferably something that can be done in house. The client will not want to sent out the content to an external vendor.

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  • I have looked into it for clients. Adobe Encore has a button to add copy protection and then states it's only possible if mastering for external pressing. I researched it and found that this is true, the only way to copy protect is to send it out for a professional pressing.

    I have not found anyway to do it in house for small batches. LMK, if you find one!

    Edit: added screenshot from the DVD I am working on today!


    Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 4.50.37 PM.png
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  • I never tried this, but might be worth an experiment:

    All current DVD copyright protection technology can be hacked easily. There is something simple you can do to actually make your DVD un-copyable.

  • Hey jleo, barring sending out to professional services or that blog post that involves using an exacto knife (!), you're probably out of luck. There is really not any in-house software that can't be cracked pretty easily. Honestly, even stuff claiming to be "pro" level is not very good in this regard: true anti-theft disc replication is laborious, costly AND will probably not work within a year.

    Curious why your client is going this route. I mean, if you've already gone through the process of building the DVD, mapping the layout and creating the ISO, you're literally one click away from sending to a pro 3rd party solution. And if it's just the content, could you encrypt the data and put on DVD/Flash Drive?