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GH2 Hacks: Driftwood vs Ptool. Which one(s) and why ?
  • Hi. I still use my Lumix GH2 for filming (un-hacked) and I would like to know what those hacks really offer more. I know that the main ones are the Driftwoods and Ptools, but I don't have much information on them and I would like to know which one's the best to use (with exemples, if possible) ?

    Can anybody here please help me withthis ?

    Thanks to answer

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  • Just try a few and see what you like. I used several, including Flowmotion. None of the hacks will give you the image quality of a GX85 or G7, but you can make a good video on the GH2 and it's a bit wider with wide lenses. There's tons of examples on this site, but you just have to try them out.

  • Also read the FAQs on this site, which explain how to use them.

  • Ok, thanks. I'll check this out.

  • The various hack settings improve the image quality, with some hacks doing a better job than others. Everyone tends to have their own favorite hack setting. Also, I believe it's been said that by using a good hack setting, it will allow you to push your color correction further while keeping footage intact.

  • Has there been any comparisons of those ?

  • Panasonik glass better with unreduced matrix hacks.