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Recovering the full field of view when using 35mm SLR lenses
  • Would it be possible to put some sort of wide-angle adaptor behind a 35mm SLR lens (ie between the lens and the sensor) to reduce the image diameter so it matches the MFT sensor area?

    Just wondering, as this could give us back the full field of view of the lens (which was designed for a larger "sensor") and I guess it would also make use of all that light that's being wasted because it's falling outside of the sensor area in our MFT cameras.

    I'm sure the resident lens gurus (guri?) must have had a go at such a does it work? If it does, what bits do we need to do it?
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  • Nikon on one of his first digital camera had a reduction system to reproduce the original field of view over the small CCD:
    This allowed the sensor to get more light than a 35mm film. The 2/3" CCD sensor, with an area of approximatively 1/16 of the 35mm frame, received 4 more times light than the film. A similar optics probably could be inserted inside a FD/Ai adapter, but I don't have the idea how such an optics should be done! An optic engineer needed here :)
  • This has already been coverd in the forum:
    psyco has done some testing.
  • @kino Thanks!

    @andres Thanks for the followup post. Didn't know that - but then I didn't really know what these things were called, so couldn't search on it. That's interesting - but looks as if it might be expensive difficult to do after all.

    I thought it would be easy but obviously not!!

    Thanks both