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Anti-glare, non-reflective ipad mini screen protector
  • I'm starting to do a fair bit of aerial filming, and use an ipad mini with my P3P drone. I have a sun hood for the ipad, and a so-called glare reducing screen protector, but on a sunny day I'm still flying nearly blind. Any body found a glare-reducing screen protector that actually works?


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  • Anti glare can actually make things worse inside sun hood. Principles of such is to have more matte like light reflection.

    May be just make sun hood much deeper?

  • Vitaliy is right. Deeper is the key. I don't fly with IPad, just normal 7 and 10" monitors. Myself and my camera op both use very deep hoods from Hoodman. You can pretty much block out nearly all outside light when putting your face up against it. We shoot in Hawaii mostly. So very bright all the time. This is best solution we've found. I'm pretty sure they make a version for Ipad now too. Check their site.

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