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GH2 Bundle by Apefos, complete solution for GH2
  • GH2 Bundle by Apefos, complete solution for GH2:

    The End NR4 Stable and Intra Patches,

    denoise profiles and presets for neatvideo4, and denoise target,

    presets for dynamic range grading in adobe premiere

    instructions included in the zip files

    Best size/quality render settings for web (youtube and vimeo): CBR, 12Mbps, keyframe distance 24. If there is lots of motion you can try VBR two pass with 12Mbps target and 16Mbps maximum.
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  • I'll definitely give a try ;-) . Thank you for your work!

  • Thanks Apefos - I like the complete package idea.

  • After recording some video and using this bundle in computer I perceived that I do not need another camera. No need for slog, vlog, cinelike d or bettet low light sensor... the improvements from these things dont worth the money for me now. only thing would worth buy a new camera is 4k, but at this moment I do not need 4k... so "viva gh2", and I can wait technology mature more before buy camera.

  • Thank you apefos for your constant work :]

  • @apefos Where are the files from the first post?

  • The files are in the first post for download, 6 zip files. The same files are in "The End NR4" topic, april 27 post.

    The zip with files in the fourth post here are repeated, the same files are in the first post, so the fourth post can be deleted.

    I would like to see some comparison without/with the bundle to perceive the benefits, mainly the dynamic range grading.


  • I would like to know if someone tried the rgbshc, rgbcc, rgbcc_1, rgbcc_2 dynamic range presets.

    You can talk bad or good, no problem, I just would like to know your feelings comparing the gh2 image before/after the presets, also if you compared with gh4 vlog or g7 cinelike d.


    Also another gift, I experimented the matrix from the stable version in the intra version and for my surprise it works better than the previous intra matrix, less pulsing horizontal lines in high iso, very filmic organic grain/noise, excelent choice for work without denoise in post, excelent for use ETC mode with c-mount lenses combining a less aliasing moire image with beautiful grain, or without ETC using Canon Fd lenses, perfect patch choice for a 1080p projector. (but if you like best noise reduction and less horizontal pulsing in high iso the STABLE version is the best)
  • Thank you Apefos for yet another patch! Regarding your presets - I tried them but honestly didn't notice anything magical. They are nice and handy but nothing a simple CC couldn't get. Thank you anyway!

  • Thanks brudney.

    What i did in the dr grading was similar thing i did in cook pictute style for canon. One curve to lift shadows and lower highlights and another curve for recover contrast and remove milky look. The dificult thing is to find the curve design whic does it without hurt the 8bit image.

    Before the curve, i used rgb color corrector because it recover the highlight information above 100 ire and bring it back reducing clipping. In gh2 there is information setting hg to 95. Sony cameras are more powerful on this and can set hg to 90. Lumetri scopes shows it.

    I think future 10bit 4k cameras designed for premium 4k hdr will be powerfull on this, so i am avoiding camera upgrade now.

  • Hey Apefos, something new from your gh2 workshop.

    I didn't know about it. I will try it! Thank you!

  • Hi apefos, thank you for the patches - I'm assuming the Intra patch won't be safe for long-time recordings/spanning and if I need that I'd be best sticking to the stable patch?

    Thanks again!

  • The "intra_ms" version does not spanning. It records 4GB and stops. 24H = 4m46s, HBR 30p = 7m46s, SH 720p60 = 8m14s (I did not test 24L but I think it will be around 6m31s)

    The "stable" version does not spanning. It records 4GB and stops. 24H = 6m31s, 24L = 7m38s, HBR 30p = 9m16s, SH 720p60 = 10m22s

    Tests done on tripod, with 14-42mm kit lens, OIS enabled, focus AFS, AWB, iso 160, exposure M, histogram on, idynamic off, iresolution off, film mode standard -2 -1 -2 -2, lcd open with display on, sun light, grass and walls in image.

    Memory card: SanDisk Extreme Pro 95MBps. (I think 30MBps cards will be fine also).

    There is no camera freeze (crash) or stop recording. The "stable" version can use all camera features in all recording modes, The "intra_ms" version can use all camera features in 24p, but in 720p it can use one or two features simultaneously (OIS, idynamic, iresolution, af, ae)

    My patches are improved for image quality and stability, but not for spanning. I do not know what to do to make spanning to work.

  • I do not know if there is something in the ini file which enable/disable the spanning feature, or if the spanning only works under a certain datarate...

    There are other patches from other developers doing spanning ok, maybe they know what to do.

    If somebody who knows what to do is willing to help it would be very welcome.

  • I did some reading about spanning in other P-V topics and it seems to be a mysterious thing which people just do not know exactly how to make it works.

    It seems that low datarate and long gop can help but not just this. If datarate must be low and gop must be long, so my patches will never do spanning...

    Better thing using my patches is to start a new recording after 4GB and get reliable files, this is good for short takes in cinema production, but not good for events like weddings...

    There are also reports about missing frames in spanning moment and also changings in image quality in first frames after spanning, so I will keep my patches as they are, reliable for 4GB files.

    For reliable spanning it would be better to use other patches from other developers.

  • Great job Apefos ,yes viva GH 2 dont need another camera too .

  • Spanning is purely determined by the hardware buffer. If there is data overflow, then spanning fails. There is no setting for spanning as it is a hardware feature.

  • Thanks for detailed explanation. So my patches are ok, it does not spanning because the datarate is high, the gop is low and the camera buffer cannot handle the data overflow in the spanning moment, but it records reliable 4GB files, when the file reaches 4GB the camera stops and saves the file.

  • Hi. Sorry to ask this (if it sounds stupid) but which one of those hacks allows higher ISO in video mode while filming (more than 3200) ?

    Thanks to answer

  • Thanks Apefos nice work........

  • Hi apefos,

    I tried using your hack. It looks like an improvement over previous versions, specially on noise at high ISOs and colors. However, while recording, ISO icon turns to auto ISO and metadata shows nothing ( I used lumix lens). How does this hack compare to Driftwood Cluster X series/Drewnet T9.

  • Hey guys,

    Hoping someone can help me out. First time hacker here. I got the hack installed on my GH2, and it looks fantastic! I went out to shoot a car show this past weekend and the camera kept crashing / turning itself off. Even when I'm not recording. I would turn the camera on, and as soon I I pushed in the click wheel, it would turn off. Any ideas? From the comments, it looks like the is a pretty stable hack.


    GH2 w/ LUMIX G Vario f/2.8 12-35mm lens

    64GB SanDisk card (Class 10 / 95mb/s)

  • Try a different hack. There are some great ones that span properly and are very reliable. My favourite was GOLGOP13 for shooting PAL format. Moon T5 or T7 are also extremely good. My camera was always unreliable with apefos patches.

  • Stable and IntraMS versions are working ok for me in 24p and 60p.

    For the polite people who asked for spanning, these are an attempt (10 patches).

    I did not test on camera, but the settings in the ini file are ok.

    Differences are in gop lenght and in datarate.

    See the yellow box in ptool, mouse over patch letter.

    Or see the txt file inside the zip

    Feedbacks welcome.

    The End NR4 Spanning Attempts:

    the end nr4 spanning