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Panasonic AG-UX90 and AG-UX180
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  • Random (late afternoon) scenes I took at the Beach when I had it.

  • Edu Videos

  • UX180 at 4K


    Sony AX100 at 4K


    511 x 281 - 54K
    522 x 286 - 66K
  • Review

    I think the AG-UX180 is a great camera for the price and I’m very happy I got it.

    This is not a low light camera. Fitting 8 megapixels on a 1-inch sensor comes with a sensitivity cost. The only way with current technology to get any better is to increase the sensor size. That requires a larger and more expensive lens, so a 1-inch sensor seems like a good compromise to me. There are a few 1/3-inch UHD cameras on the market and their low light performance is quite poor. The UX180, with its 1-inch sensor is adequate for the work I do and produces a quite clean picture, even with up to 12dB of gain when properly exposed.

    I’m pleased that Panasonic were able to get a 20 x lens on a 1-inch sensor.

    Having a 1-inch sensor also feels good in terms of being a similar size to the 3/4-inch cameras, which were the gold standard in my early days.

    I feel the picture quality is perfectly adequate for content that will end up on the Internet and even for low budget TV.

  • New firmware v1.11


    1. On rare occasions, the operation of REC button on the unit or a wired remote control may no longer have any effect. This problem is fixed.
    2. If the card is ejected from the main slot during the simultaneous recording, the recording in the sub-slot stops 10 hours after the start of recording. The indication shows the same as during recording, and the operations of REC button are refused. This problem is fixed.
    3. LCD may not show anything when the camera is booted up. This problem is fixed.
    4. A very few SD cards may have a write error. This problem is fixed.
    5. If the network address is changed when WIRELESS SETUP is set to [DIRECT] and DHCP is set to [SERVER], it sometimes made the camera impossible to connect to the iPad. This problem is fixed.

    Only on "AG-UX180PJ"

    • The quality of image in PM mode is changed to place importance on the resolution.

  • For a registration of a theatre play I am thinking of renting 2 x u180 and 1 ux90 as that is what the rental company in my city has to offer.

    Does anybody have any experience with the two camera's together, does the footage mix well? Or would it be tricky?