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What's the GH2 Viewfinder and LCD resolution in pixels not dots? Thanks
  • All I can find in the manual is that the LCD has 460,000 dots, and the Viewfinder has 1,530,000 dots. No info about the actual resolution in pixels. Thanks, Jon
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  • Divide by 3 and you'll got it.
  • Ah thanks. I wanted to know if the Cineroid/Zacuto/SmallHD EVF (at approximately 800x480) have similar resolution to the GH2 EVF...? Whats the x*y of both the EVF and LCD, as I don't know their aspect ratios? Many thanks
  • If it was 1:1 aspect ratio it would have about 412 by 412 pixels.

    Guess its more like 480*360 or something like that. So Zocuto EVF gives indeed better res (+plus peaking),
    but the question really is... is it 1K$ better.. ?

    I must admit after reading that small 720p panels might show up in closer future i delayed all EVF plans.
    These will last much longer.
  • And after using Super AmoLed screens I do not want to use anything else :-)
  • But hey.. wait a second! Did you also recognize the DLP like rainbow effect in viewfinder on fast eye movement? It looks pretty much as if this was a greyscale screen with fast changing RGB backlight. This would mean its 3 times higher in resolution then I thought.

    I must admit that from looking onto it, its seems to more than 480*360, icons are quite small and still sharp.