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Sensor Size Comparison Chart
  • I know a lot of us sometimes get a bit confused over relative sensor sizes to either other cameras, or the film equivalents. I fell upon this neat little infographic today that helps visualise the different cameras and formats, and thought it worthy of sharing.

    It's a comparison of Super 35mm, which uses more of the 35mm frame than Academy, but less than Scope. Goes to show how massive that 5D frame is. Shame it's plagued with moire, aliasing problems and general softness.

    875 x 1225 - 165K
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  • am i understanding it right? this test shows how the image will be cropped if i´ve used one same lens on all those cameras?
  • Imagine the yellow is the super 35mm fov, now I have to walk forward or back with my camera to fill the frame, thats it. So for GH2 I need to come back another 24% and Phantom walk forward along way ;-)
  • yes i understand , but imagine.. you are standing with me.. i have gh2 and leica 25mm f1.4 and you have 5D mII with 50mm f1.2 we have the same FOV so i dont need to go backwards to obtain same "frame" as you have right?

    i would have to go back 24% if i would have your lens on my body right?
  • @adventsam LOL about the phantom! Add a pair of sturdy walking boots to your kit :-)


    Almost right. The scenario you describe using different focal lengths (25 GH2, 50 5D), the FOV is nearly the same. Take into account that the 5D must crop the 3:2 (1.5) sensor to achieve a 16:9 (1.77) image. The GH2 with its multi aspect sensor does not, therefore the actual crop factor is roughly 1.9x in this scenario.

    It's worth bearing in mind though, that the comparison diagram above is more about image circle and sensor size, rather than FOV. It really doesn't paint the whole picture, as we well know. The 5D and 7D are inherently soft, suffering aliasing issues. The GH2 stock codec doesn't stand up to abuse. At the cheap end of the market, there is no silver bullet unfortunately.

    Wrong. The 24% remark Adventsam made was regarding the difference between the GH2 and 3-perf Super 35 film. The difference between the 5D and GH2 is more like 47-48% further back.