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Sony FDR-AX53 4K 2016 camcorder
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    • 1/2.5-inch 16:9 8mp sensor
    • 4K at 30fps and 100Mbit
    • No cropping in 4K
    • 4K timelapse
    • Slo-mo video at 1080p120
    • 20x zoom
    • $999 price
    • Available in March

    The new FDR-AX53 features a newly developed 20x optical zoom lens with advanced aspherical (AA) and Extra-low Dispersion (ED) lens elements that allow it to produce a crisp, high resolution image within a compact size. The lens also has a ZEISS® T* coating that reduces unwanted reflections and flare.

    The new camera is also equipped with a new image sensor with large pixels (approx. 1.6x larger than previous model) that is optimized for video shooting and delivers beautiful low-noise images in all conditions including low-light scenarios. These two key components – lens and sensor – work together to deliver stunning 4K video.

    The new camcorder also has the acclaimed Balanced Optical SteadyShot image stabilization technology, which ensures that video output is smooth, stable and blur-free at focal lengths ranging from wide-angle (26.8mm) 3 to the extended 20x optical zoom. Additionally, 5-axis Intelligent Active mode compensates for vibration in five different axes to ensure movie footage is smooth and free of jitters or shake in even the most unstable of conditions.

    Other new features on the FDR-AX53 include an enhanced AF algorithm that achieves approximately 40% faster autofocus speed and more accurate subject capturing, as well as a new microphone structure that collects sound from five different directions to produce sound with about 40% less noise and clearer than the previous model 4. The camera also has Full HD 120fps high-speed recording, allowing it to create superbly detailed slow-motion movies6. It can capture time-lapse images in 4K for high resolution 4K time-lapse video as well.

    For the more advanced videographers, the new 4K camcorder includes an electronic viewfinder for accurate framing plus a customizable manual ring and manual button that can be assigned to key functions like zoom, focus and exposure adjustments and more. The FDR-AX53 is also compatible with time code and user bit functions and can record at an incredibly high bit-rate of 4K 100 Mbps through use of the XAVC S™ recording format, allowing each frame to be filled with astonishing 4K detail.

    Post shooting, 4K video content from the camcorder can be played back directly on a compatible 4K television through the supplied HDMI cable, or in super-sampled Full HD when connected to an HD TV. The new model can also ‘trim’ a selected portion of a 4K video frame to fill the screen with Full HD quality. In this mode, trimming size8 can be changed with zoom lever or on-screen icon. Also, with support of 4K still image capture, users can extract and save 8.3 MP still images from 4K movie footage without impacting the impressive 4K video quality.

    683 x 500 - 40K
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  • wow...a 1/1 direct readout 4k sensor. Now if they'd do that in 1" pleeez , for an rx10mkiii

  • EU PR

    • FDR-AX53 4K Handycam with new Exmor R™ CMOS sensor with approx. 1.6x bigger pixel size[2] for unrivalled sensitivity, particularly in low light conditions
    • New ZEISS® Vario-Sonnar T* lens for astounding resolution up to a wide angle of 26.8mm[3] and 20x optical zoom and 30x Clear Image Zoom[4]
    • Featuring 5-axis image stabilisation enabled by Sony’s Balanced Optical SteadyShot™ enhanced with NEW Intelligent Active mode[5], compensating for camera shake even whilst running
    • New microphone structure which collects sound from five directions for advanced sound quality
    • Full HD 100fps high speed recording for post-production editing of incredible slow-mo movies[6]
    • Pro-style features including manual ring, EVF, Time Code recording and User Bit for increased shooting flexibility

    Life’s defining moments can happen so fast, we often fail to fully appreciate the essence of the experience. Whether it’s a child’s first steps, a school play, graduation or a wedding day – having a video to re-live your happiest times with friends and family can become one of your greatest treasures. Sony’s newest Handycam camcorders allow you to perpetuate those moments in vibrant 4K detail.

    FDR-AX53 – Breath-taking picture quality with 4K Handycam

    The patriarch of this year’s camcorder family takes form in Sony’s newest 4K Handycam, the FDR-AX53,combining enhanced image quality and incredible sound performance.

    The FDR-AX53 features a new Exmor R CMOS sensor, providing exceptionally detailed 4K movies. Due to the new sensor’s approximately 1.6x larger pixel size[2], the FDR-AX53 enjoys a much greater sensitivity level than its predecessor and allows for fantastically clear content with outstanding resolution even when shooting in low light conditions.

    The FDR-AX53 features a newly developed ZEISS lens that extends to a wide angle of 26.8mm[3], accurately capturing the scene from wide angle through to telephoto. The lens empowers the camcorder with a remarkable range of 20x optical and 30x (4K)/ 40x (FHD) Clear Image Zoom, for beautiful close-up footage you don’t want to miss.

    Due to its Advanced Aspherical (AA) and Extra-low Dispersion(ED) lens elements, colour fringing is highly reduced allowing the lens to produce incredibly accurate colours for beautifully precise footage. The multi-layer film ZEISS T* coating reduces unwanted reflections like ghosting and flare which delivers a crisper, clearer image even when shooting on bright days outside.

    The FDR-AX53 is the first Handycam with an enhanced version of Sony’s own Balance Optical SteadyShot; a 5-axis image stabilisation system that brings you blur-free footage when shooting handheld and thanks to its new Intelligent Active mode[4], also ensures crisp footage whilst running. This incredibly powerful image stabilisation system allows for exceptionally smooth and clear video footage from all angles, even when on the move or whilst using the telephoto end of the 20x optical zoom when aiming for close-ups shots. The new Intelligent Active mode takes it a step further and even allows for incredibly clear HD footage when running.

    The FDR-AX53 records at an incredible high bit-rate of 4K 100Mbps, using the high-performing XAVC S™ recording format[6], allowing each frame to be filled with astonishing 4K detail so you can relive everything from splashing waves to colourful confetti.

    The camcorder comes with a newly adapted AF algorithm, Fast Intelligent AF, also featuring in Sony’s α7S II, which optimises communication between the lens and processor to achieve speeds up to approximately 40% faster[2] than previous models and more precise subject capture.

    Advanced sound quality

    The FDR-AX53’s new microphone structure collects sound from five directions, thereby capturing real-life sounds and delivering a more realistic sense of ambience. Due to the enhanced microphone structure, noise levels have been reduced by approximately 40%[2], and stereo performance is approximately twice as high as previous models[2], allowing for clear recordings in a greater range of environments. Its 5.1ch microphone records high stereo sound in 2ch in XAVC S 4K/HD and high surround sound in 5.1ch in AVCHD. In addition, the My Voice Canceling function reduces the user’s own voice whilst recording.

    Full HD 100fps recording for slow-mo movies

    As a first for the Handycam series, the FDR-AX53 can record at 100fps in Full HD meaning that footage can be edited into breath-taking slow motion footage with the free PC software, PlayMemories Home™, to add a whole new dimension to home movies.

    It boasts many pro-style refinements for greater shooting flexibility, including a manual ring and button that can be allocated to functions like zoom, focus and exposure and electronic viewfinder (EVF), allowing the user to easily compose scenes even when recording on sun-filled holidays. For greater control of the edit, advanced users can benefit from Time Code and User Bit options.

    To enjoy recorded footage at home, 4K content can be played back on a compatible 4K TV through a supplied HDMI cable or by automatic down conversion of 4K frames in Full HD playback on an HD TV. For beautiful framing, this Handycam also allows you to playback trimmed 4K images from selected video frames, enlarging or cropping[8] selected parts of the frame in Full HD quality.

    Live Broadcasts

    To get others involved in the action, all new Handycam models allowLive Streamingvia USTREAMTM[10], enabling you to stream HD video footage and sound from Handycam camcorders through a wireless access point. You can now ensure that no one, no matter how far away, will miss out on those defining moments, no matter where in the world they may be.

  • Hopefully this one has full manual control.

  • I wish these camcorders had slog. Even if they are 8 bit and far from being a cinema camera, it still would be cool to squeeze more dr into it or experiment with those picture profiles.

  • @cls105

    For small sensors SLOG as well as raw bring much less useful information compared to big sensors with high capacity pixels.

  • Sigh, just as small sensor as the Sony FDR-AX33 (even slightly smaller actually....).

  • @IronFilm yup. But it will be interesting to see the IQ anyway.

  • @IronFilm

    I think it is not smaller, as all this cameras have areas around active area to help with stabilization. You can check on how Panasonic specified sensor size in their mid range consumer camcorders, for example.

  • Low light

  • yeap that could me my "quick" travel camera .... I'll test it next week to see if it is a keeper.

  • Knowing that you can't set iris and shutterspeed independently. Is there a benefit to put the 55 mm ND filter on especially when filming outside in a very good sun light situations?

  • Knowing that you can't set iris and shutterspeed independently. Is there a benefit to put the 55 mm ND filter on especially when filming outside in a very good sun light situations?

    Of course, as shutter speed will change.

  • Thanks VK. I was just trying to justify getting a dedicated 55mm ND filter for it. Seeing is believing so I can't wait to play with it ;-)

  • The main reasons are:

    • Better BOSS stabilization in 4K

    • Cleaner noise from the AX-53 as compared to the AX-33

    • Improved resolution

  • Can you elaborate in more detail on this?

    I mean, what is better in BOSS in newer camera?

    How much better is noise?

    What you mean under "improved resolution"?

  • Sure. My understanding is that the AX55 has bigger pixels than AX33 hence you can expect lower noise patterns and bit better resolution. BOSS is only better when you compare it with AX100 but it looks like to be the same for both AX33 and AX55. So at the end of the day it is price vs some slight differences plus I may keep it for the price of AX33 since it is open box deal. I would love to buy AX100 for the manual freedom you get but you can't have everything in one package at least that's what Sony is not putting out there.

  • My understanding is that the AX55 has bigger pixels than AX33 hence you can expect lower noise patterns and bit better resolution.

    Are sensor sizes different? Or AX55 has lower megapixel one?

  • Sensor size different.

    7.20 mm vs 7.76 mm



    • 1/2.5 type (7.20 mm) back-illuminated Exmor CMOS Sensor
    • Approx. 8.29 Megapixels (16:9) *SteadyShot" is set to "Standard" or "Off".
    • Approx. 8.57 Megapixels
    • Approx. 8.29 Megapixels (16:9)/Approx. 6.22 Megapixels (4:3)



    • 1/2.3 type (7.76 mm) back-illuminated Exmor CMOS Sensor
    • Approx. 8.29 MP (16:9)
    • Approx. 10.3 MP (16:9), Approx. 7.74 MP (4:3)
  • I see no difference, really.

    But price for AX33 is almost 2 times less.

  • Point taken, besides the $$ amount wasted is there better "quick" 4K all in one solution?