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Problem with FCP 7 since OSX "El Capitan"
  • hi btw, I have a quick question for all who like me still use Final Cut 7 (yes I know, many of you get on Premiere or FCP X but I'm an old hand, do not blame me!)

    Here is my problem: since I switched to OSX "El Capitan" on my mac pro, my Final Cut Pro displays the rushes in a very dark way, as if there was a gamma adjustment problem. I tried to play with the settings of parameters in every way and I have not found a solution.

    At best, the problem appears when the playback bar on the timeline is stopped. And as soon as I put in reading, the image appears as normal.

    Any idea ? best regards

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  • fcp 7 was last officially supported on os 10.6.8 I suggest you have a boot disk running the oldest OS that new Mac will run and keep that just for FCP7.

    On OS 10.11, 5 generations of OSes later you can't expect it to run properly.

    Better yet, buy an old mac to run FCP7 on 10.6.8 Problem solved!