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Wenpod Gimbal
  • Another interesting gimbal, the wenpod MD2 3-axis gimbal, supports 3kg. You can also use it with a steadycam vest. It looks very well build and stuff. Cost $2000, not sure if I like the sample footage though.

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  • I did not like the sample footage as well as it seems to be a little jerky at times - probably in part due to to image stabilization of the camera. I love the design with it's ability to mount it on a tripod etc. Very cool. They also code their own software the video said, so that my be the reason you can operate it with the camera above left-right motor rather than the camera having to be under swing as with most gimbals. Maybe this configuration option is adding to the jerkiness. Anyways, it is shipping in Jan/Fed, so there is time for firmware improvements bug fixes.

  • I think the jerkiness comes from the operator that has used the joystick. Then it is very likely to get jerky footage. I would try to avoid using the joystick while filming. Try to use the follow mode. Much smoother.

  • @AKED, I think you're actually right. Looking at the footage on a wide 55" TV, the jerkiness is not as bad. I think it will work well with follow mode.

    This gimbal and the Letux Helix Jr Aluminum is looking quite interesting, will see.