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What is the right ratio for anamorphic 4k gh4 footage?
  • Hi sorry for this basic question but I am really confused about aspect ratios with the gh4, a friend of mine shot a video with his gh4 using an anamorphic attachment 1.75x, he was using 4k 3328x2496 in 4:3 anamorphic mode. with a regular camera that shot 16:9 I just multiply the width for the anamorphic number either 2x, 1.5 etc and the video looks fine, but gh4 4:3 mode I do not understand how to find the right ratio.

    how to unsqueeze this on Premiere of FCPX?, I tried 1.78x 3328 but this is not the answer because of the 4:3, what is the logic/numbers to convert anamorphic 4:3 to proper ratio 2.39:1?

    also he shot some pictures, I attached an example, which is the ratio to convert the picture to the correct size?

    any help suggestions would be appreciated, thanks in advance

    for test.jpg
    2304 x 1728 - 2M
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  • Are you certain that your friend had the anamorphic adapter attached correctly? If I desqueeze that at 1.75x the vertical resolution, the people end up looking about right. Could your friend have been shooting with his anamorphic adapter rotated 90 degrees?

  • Yeah your friend filmed with the lens sideways. The lens needs to point up.

  • Jaaaaa. That is really funny, you're right Manicd he filmed sideways, I didn't think about that my fault. Thank you very much for taking time to answer my question.


  • Hi eatstoomuchjam that is exactly what happened!! He filmed sideways . thank you