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about that feature film i did with the GH2
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  • @babypanda, good ultra grief wtf, those T&C sound batshit insanely crazy!!

  • well, sounds like unscrupulous capitalism. it might be worthwhile to explore various options to figure out which is the best way to promote your film. maybe just blindly submitting to all festivals is not a good idea.

  • there's also that Vimeo VOD thing. sounds nice, if all other "official" ways fail.. and IF the film is completely finished of course.

  • well, reviving my old thread, i finally decided to make it a short film, at least i can make the best of what i got, right? anyway, here's my latest trailer:

  • hey guys, feel free to give some feedback on this ;) this is not entirely finished regarding final CC and sound. let me know what you think of the feel, story, editing, etc. tnx

  • Hi, you really need to get rid of first interior shots, since they have so low production value. If you show that first, we form our opinion about the entire film. You have some decent shots later. And everything should be at least 30 seconds shorter.

  • thanks.

    i find it a bit weird to stick to which starting shot makes it worth your while. it's either interesting enough or not. maybe it wasn't interesting for you. i personally would care for that aspect the least.

    what did you think of the story? and why would you cut it to 30 sec. less? i feel i have enough story and suspense energy to hold this through. but maybe i'm wrong..

    this is a no budget film, and the curiosity for the story suppose to keep you intrigued within the trailer. i cannot be bothered with which shot i open with.. i have a few minimal weapons in terms of "bigger" visuality. so i have to play with what i have, AND roll with these plot devices.

    did you watch it with earphones? the sound design is pretty complex and interesting imho. i worked a lot on it.

  • Yeah, sound design is very good. It is nicely edited and builds tension and drives the story.

    I just wanted to point out that the first shots that we see form our opinion about entire film, and your first two shots, and whole that interior scene does not do good to the effect that trailer is supposed to produce. On contrary, I almost shot it down after those first shots. Only because you have better looking material I wrote this. It is your call, of course.

    Regarding the duration of the trailer, it seemed too dense to me, sometimes less is more. But I did not analyse it in depth, just wrote the overall feeling after watching it few times.

    I'd start with different shots, even keep audio if you think it is important info for the plot, but that bit of audio is also not good, it has some ugly room ambience to it.

    And maybe the most important of all is that you need to grade this material to be somewhat coherent, your colors are all over the place, and to decide on some look after matching scenes and shots between them.

    But good work, keep it up! :)

  • @inqb8tr,

    ok, now it's more clear. i'll think more deeply about these 1st shots. the audio quality is meh, i know. CC will be done. that's why i sort of put this to a 1st test.