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GH4 & YAGH & Hot Rod PL mount for sale in Los Angeles via Facebook $2,350
  • I am not selling this, nor can I vouch for the person that is, but, it might be a good deal for a PV member in Los Angeles to buy in person.

    I saw this in a group I belong to on Facebook called "For Sale: Camera Assistant AKS & More!" (4,800 members in the group). You can join via your FB account and contact the seller directly. Many people in this group are members of the USA camera Union Local 600, so I think the odds are good of finding good equipment there.

    I though that it might interest a PVer who's local in Los Angeles (I am not involved at all & don't live anywhere near LA myself). I am sure @shian might know someone who might be interested.

    Here's the ad:


    Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 3.02.58 PM.png
    528 x 918 - 394K