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GH5 Panasonic camera, from anticipation to love or hate
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  • Yes, I've started to shoot in 6K mode (well, 5K 16:9) on my GH5 too. As you say, it allows for a 30% punch in/ zoom and still gives you a clean 4K master. However I do notice that it uses a lot more battery power to do so. I'm getting less running time out of the larger GH5 batts than I did out of the smaller GH2/G80 type batts in their respective cameras for 4K output.

  • Just used the GH5 on a project and the 10 bit rocks.

  • The burst of GH5 is up to 12i/s in RAW full def, I would love to see a 24i/s in RAW FHD or RAW 2K in a future firmware update. 10 bits rocks, true, but RAW offer so much latitude when you love to grade. Does the 12 bits RAW is a limitation (compare to the 14 bits of the GH5s) due to LSI, sensor… or do you think it's a choice ?