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GH5 Panasonic camera, from anticipation to love or hate
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  • Wow... I am kinda impressed with the "6K photo 30fps" mode for photography. 18 megapixel stills from the 6K photo mode not to shabby. Also I must say that the autofocus on the GH4 was really good so I can imagine how good it will be with the GH5. I am talking about AFS single point, point to point focusing. M/43 does not work for me in terms of photography but I am sure this camera will be great for all of the people that it does work for.

  • Do we know if any of demo videos out utilized the extended dynamic range and v log profile ?it looks like all baked in profiles so far

  • The first GH5 low light test I could find (in the second part of the video):

  • Info on this video say's low light footage was shot using 3200 & 6400 ISO (pre-production).

  • I am curious to see what type of improvement this is has in terms of lowlight ability. Personally speaking for me this was the biggest downfall for the GH4. The GH5 with 10bit 422 4K internally, .76 EVF/3,680 resolution, waveform monitor and vectorscope is a HUGE upgrade. The ability to have all of those features without carrying around an external recorder/monitor will sway a lot of people into purchasing the GH5.

    There are couple of red flags though. The biggest one being that the firmware will come later on down the line. Wonder how much that will cost Cha-Ching $$$$$. I am also curious as to the the actual improvement in quality with the firmware update once all the hype settles down. I don't know maybe I am a bit pessimestic after all the hype with VLOG which IMO was a waste of time and just added more noise to the image after everything is said and done. Also look at the ALL-Intra on the GH4 was is it really that great all things considered?

    All in all though seems like a great camera. Personally I wouldn't purchase one until after all of the firmware updates are done along with some real reviews of the camera. Until the firmware updates come seems like it is really not worth buying if you already have a GH4.

  • Is the new DFD AF technology require as to buy new Lenses ;) like 12-35 II or 35-100 II Im waiting for good AF since GH1 but if thats needs new lenses its like buying new system...otherwise why they would make new ones .. I like V1

  • @EspenB GH5 sensor from Panasonic site: 17.3 x 13.0 mm, Total pixels 21.77 Megapixels, Camera effective pixels 20.30 Megapixels.

    E M1 II: 17.4 x 13.0mm, Total Pixels 21.8 million, Effective Pixels 20.4 million

  • Still videoish, but otherwise great quality:

  • The Oly E-M1 Mark II clearly is a native 4/3 aspect sensor. The sensor in the GH5 is not.

    Picture of Oly used sensor attached.

    450 x 300 - 61K
  • @Vesku

    I wonder if they decided to chop off that extra MP at each side of the 4/3 aspect to improve readout speed...

    Or could be related to IBIS operation.

  • They say here the reason for the firmware update is limitation of speed in current cards, and the update is scheduled to coincide with the release of the newer cards. Kind of a strange reason for not including the mentioned bitrates in the first place.

  • GH5 sensor may look bigger because it has 22Mpixel total and 20Mpixel used. I wonder If RAW photos can use 22Mpixel with some Raw program.

  • Apparently camera shoots 4K video in h264, whereas 6K photo is encoded in h265 no mention of the bit depth in 6K nor the chroma subsampling reference:

  • @Eno Yes, something fishy are going on!

    Even in the presentation video the sensor seems wider than the GH4 sensor.

    (Could be a fake creative render which takes liberties?)

    The numers you list seem to indicate 1:1.4 aspect ratio.

  • @EspenB

    They did not decided themselves yet. Can be cut up to $400, or free stuff thrown, including XLR adapter and V-LOG codes.

  • I've downloaded the higher res GH5 front image (from Dpreview) and compared the sensor size with the Gh4.

    Comparing the two different sensor sizes, I've approximately calculated the Gh5 sensor must be 19,185 mm in length and 13,735 mm in height.

    GH5 vs Gh4.jpg
    3888 x 1383 - 1M
  • Previews

    Do not assume that '6K Photo' mode is taking images from an area of the sensor 6000 pixels across: it isn't. Instead it's capturing images with the roughly the same number of pixels as a very widescreen 6000 x 3000 video clip would have. Just cheap marketing trick.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Are you suggesting price cuts in the near future?

  • I'm gonna wait as well... maybe they'll throw in the XLR adapter for free if sales don't come in as expected, or drop the price when Sony answers with yet another camera.

  • I was one of the first to receive a GH4 two years ago and had to send it in for repair for the "audio hiss" issue, so I'll wait a little while.

  • @lmackreath

    Because Panasonic is now in very shaky mode. Including this announcement with "planned" firmware upgrades and forced paid V-Log (this was compromise after lowering initial margin). In April we must see next round of this theater spectacle. It is not actually the wait, as any GH camera GH5 will be available in tiny amounts before April.

  • It has "my menu" for favorite menu items. Great!

  • Some video modes have HEVC H.265 but it's not clear all modes supports it. It would be interesting then if they could implement an All-I version of H.265 as well, not just the 400 Mbbps H.264 codec.